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R>Empire; / Active Discord / PQs / Bosses


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Dec 25, 2022


Empire is a new guild aiming to build a friendly, welcoming community.
We do our best to be inclusive and receiving to everyone with all sorts of backgrounds.
Note: Most of us play in the day to evening of the server time (mostly EST/PST).

We are here to meet new people and help those in need. We are noobs with a lot of Mapling experiences that can help guide newer or older players to learn the ways of YunaMS. We want to build a community where people feel safe to speak out.

We hope to build relationships with newcomers and veterans alike. There are no requirements to join. Feel free to leave your preferred name, character name and time zone if you’d like to join us. Make it a little personal and tell us something about yourself! If you would like to be recruited in game, please message or whisper any of these igns below.

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Feb 14, 2023
Heyo! I'm Dame, Jr. Leader of Empire! :D

If you're new to the server, Empire is gonna be your best bet! We put a focus on building up the community and helping out new players. It's important for you to be able to find others to progress with, expecially early on, so get our attention and we'll get you added! 💜

Some notes:

• Safe place to be - I will take personal pleasure in kicking out anyone living in the dark ages of humanity's past. 0 tolerance for bigotry. Everyone gets to enjoy mushroom game. 🍄

• No doubt related to the above, we have the highest count of women! Yay! 💕

• Discord is bustlin' and fun! It's easy to get whatever you need planned and ready with the systems we have. Or just hang out!🎙️

• Variety of players from different timezones. Things always change with time, but as of writing this we are mostly American times (PST - EST) with a good mix of the Europeans. 🌎


Mar 30, 2023
hello are you active ingame with the chats? or are you just going be silent all day afking ingame! like my other guild in other server..!
I actually have lots of marketing experience with PQ's other servers. I never really hosted my own PQ's here mainly because people always carried me
through them when I started.. there was only one incident in a PQ where someone said 'you better not hack..' it was so random.. so that kind of makes me not want to play lol!

I think I said enough in that post about taking care of my health already! I want game but take care of health at same time! if my body didnt take time to work..!! and with the people that are here in my local area.. makes it so hard focus on myself! but is getting better because I know how fight back against them.. and they dont seem care either.. maybe they taking it out on someone else besides me.. but my area getting improving greatly! our area is very diverse literally! have whites/arabians/blacks shopping at our vietnamese grocery stores now! and also whites/mexicans/arabians eating at our vietnamese restaurants! my mom said mexicans like our pho, heh! 555!+ I like communicating ingame and promoting ingame not discord! mainly because my enemy in real life, which will be my enemy forever because I sent them that 'unintentional' hate email to their group at university! he hates girls/games! so what better way get them leave me alone than by playing ingame! not to mention acting like I do it daily! always! heh! also dont like discord because he uses it, and promotes content that most would consider sick, I dont want talk about that much here though..!! heh! It was a 'rushed environment' anyways. which I dont do well in..!! just boring for me!

I got banned on DreamMS for my smegas though!, they literally banned all my accounts there heh! and MapleSaga they were toleratable
on my smegas but I got them annoyed lol! but least they didnt ban my other account there so..!!

I managed gaming channel for game 'redstone online' which is still being actively promoted by others! not to mention they have events/updates
catering to new playeres now! I promoted it real well even after server was hacked x2 times! I can talk more about it ingame! there is a way fight
against them though! hackers/dupers wont come to our server anytime soon! and we competing with so many games and still we manage! I get political
alot in that game though! and GM hasnt banned any of my accounts there yet! to them, they value free speech but if it disrupts your play experience
they will take action on your account I guess.. we never had issues with it though! there was another issue..!! but anyways your free join it, only
reason im not promoting it now is my pride lol! I have high expectations and dont want come back there unless I can literally give it my best! and that
wont be possible if I dont recover my body completely! ahahs! 555!+ even in this covid I dont get sick.. I dont wear masks when they tell me to.. I knew
my people werent that strict... so I tried few times and turns out they dont care.. only their customers sucking up to them.. she said wear a mask, but
the employees working at the restaurant hated her. the women were talking in vietnamese that they wanted say something to her, and in end concluded they
just had deal with her! but I was offered free drink for that at least!

I have alot experience playing with other players different timezones though! mostly american/european/chinese/thai! with chinese can use google translate
and type in chinese characters and they will understand. just keep it few words though! if the game client allows that.. most dont for 'security!'. the thais
know english well though! I also run into aussie/dutch players which are mostly relaxed! I will end it here!

im used being ignored really.. and that university group always acted like they care.. their justification is they will do
alot for me 'meaning themselves' if I just tell them everything and never criticize/hate them.. dont know why they care so much..!!
I emailed them many times whole group telling them my life story.. which made me insane! I was ok opening to the whole group, just not
that one guy.. he didnt even care for email relationships and acted like he did so much when I unintentionally sent him that 'hate email' because
it was better than acting weak against them! I mean if he doesnt like me talking behind his back and I already did.. what am I to do..!! he cant play
favortism here.. is just stupid..!! that was what it was about..!! one woman said I 'cyber bullied' him when she only looked at the title not even read
what I wrote in the email.. some people stupid nowadays..!! and one other girl invited me university club again but never tried talk to me in email! acted
like everything was ok in our email relations... but when I went back after giving 2 week break.. that guy said he was just going to ignore me.. lol! he was
already ignoring me from the start! he bullied my family and playing innocent/victim/acting weak when I unintentionally 'insult' him once via email.. so
he thought I did..!! I never really liked that girl to begin with anyways though..!! only said so, so he would leave me alone.. It is not my obligation/duty
to be so 'perfectly correct' in telling him everything..!! if he cant figure out my 'non verbal communication' with him.. his loss! heh! 555!+ and one time
he denied that he sat next to her when I saw it.. might as well just say he had sex with her right in front of me and doesnt care how I feel..!! I gave up my
male identity along time ago because of this..!! that man is nothing but a boy/child! always seeking attention from others! he tried start a business locally..
he failed! most of his own people hate him.. which is pretty sad..

sorry for getting way to personal here.. but if I never do.. I will never be free from the relationship for all eternity! he acts like he is the only one
that can listen/care/nurture me which is sick really.. especially considering he identifies as a man..!! once the world knows how abusive he was towards me,
than the whole world/my people will change fast! I will publicize all the reports the OC sheriff had on me when I wrote in email I was going suicide! than they
will care! I honestly never expected it from anyone! the whole world can hate me for all I care! my only goal is to be free from this relationship and not have deal with those 'fakes' always pretending they care for money/fame/attention/glory/desperation/pride/envy/etc! I mean all his customers agree with him or so he thinks yet he wants me deal with him locally to..!! talk about being so greedy with me..!! if everyone else likes him doing his business he thinks is ok be mean to the other people he dont like.. if only business worked like that.. if he wants that he should just go back to vietnam thats all! it would probably be more accepted there than in america!

if I dont talk about it, so many desperate people in gaming communities..!! the world wont change.. they will continue to be dependent/weak/sacrifical/submissive and nothing better past that.. yet they claim other people's life means so much when they dont even care about their own life.. if they did.. they wouldnt put themself through so much hate in the first place locally! I mean I cant care about people who dont think/act for themselves and expect them 'dictate' them just so they can be sucessful in their business! if have be told what do from others be successful.. most likely wont ever be successful!

Im writing it maybe thinking I would be banned/hated for this post..!! is not like I plan on coming back here anytime soon.. the people need
time accepting my 'depressing life' because their 'fake depressing life' is that much more important! they feel they can be so great as me when
they arent even learning/trying/training..!! if you went through that much.. your skills show it! I know coding (same as dev)/marketing/business/trading/
detoxing/socialization ingame/etc!

also.. I play many old games. some private servers other official servers! I have games I play for city/going out/local friends/getting political/detoxing/main/
international locally/social media! heh! and I can play it any hour/day/week/month/year/decade/century! so spare me the drama of hating me so much just because some players think I will play it all day everyday.. heh! 555!+