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Starter Pack

Maple Points

USD $5.00

5,000 MP

5,000 MP

+0 MP

USD $10.00

11,000 MP

10,000 MP

+1,000 MP

USD $20.00

22,000 MP

20,000 MP

+2,000 MP

USD $50.00

55,000 MP

50,000 MP

+5,000 MP

USD $100.00

120,000 MP

100,000 MP

+20,000 MP

USD $200.00

250,000 MP

200,000 MP

+50,000 MP

How Does It Work?

⟩ Click on the "Purchase MP" button. It will redirect you to our store.

⟩ Select the package you'd like to purchase and checkout with a valid email.

⟩ Speak with Jarvis in-game (via @javris player command), he'll exchange your coupon.

Can I Give My Coupons To Others?

Yes. Keep in mind, coupons are single-use.

We are not responsible for accidental sharing of coupon codes.

How Can I Pay?

Google Pay
Credit/Debit Card

What Can I Get For Maple Points?

Meet Jarvis

Use command @jarvis or visit Jarvis in the Free Market to get help with:

  • Instant in-game name change
  • Instant in-game gender change
  • Make cash equips permanent
  • And much more!

Beauty Book (Permanent)

Allows you to save up to 20 hairs and faces, permanently. You can re-use these styles free of charge.

Cash Shop Exclusives

Purchase exclusive cash equips and items such as mount and chair coupons from the Cash Shop with Maple Points.

Chair & Mount Gachapon

Visit the Chair Gachapon and Mount Gachapon NPCs to exchange your coupons. You can find them in the Free Market, in the portal far to the right.

VIP Teleport Rock (30 Days)

This Teleport Rock enables one to teleport between continents. It also enables the user to teleport to a specific character from the same channel. Stores up to 10 maps.

Miu Miu the Traveling Merchant (30 Days)

An item to access the general store. Can purchase potions, throwing stars and recharge bullets. Some maps restrict access, though.

Auto All-Cure Pendant (30 Days)

Automatically use an all-cure potion while holding this pendant in your inventory.

Auto Pet Food Skill (30 Days)

Automatically feeds your pet when they begin to get hungry, as long as you have this item and some pet food in your inventory.

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