Welcome to YunaMS - Old School MapleStory, enhanced! Click here to learn more about our features and what we have to offer. Join our discord server to see what everyone's up to. Remember to vote for free daily NX! Enjoy~
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Players Online: 28

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3x EXP Rate
3x Meso Rate
5x Quest Rate
2x Spawn Rate
Custom Drop Rate


For a comprehensive list of all our server features, click here!

Stabilized and Customizable Client

Tailor the client using our unique widget system found in-game

Advanced Anti-Cheat

Squashing hackers with an advanced anti-cheat system which scans for changes involving packets, client edits, thread injection, and botting behavior.

Advanced Patcher

Only receive the updates you need, gracefully.

New and Balanced Skills

All classes have been touched to ensure fair gameplay.

Revised EXP Systems

New EXP systems have been implemented to provide players with smoother progression.

Meet Jarvis

Your one-stop shop concierge - plenty of goodies to go around!


Take on over 20 different bosses from various regions.

Expanded World

New worlds and regions have been imported from over regions and MS versions.

Spirit Points System

Gain an additional layer of rewards as you climb up the ranks.

High Level Gear

Ease your progression with new items available to you from various bosses and quests.

HP Washing

Tired of having low HP? All jobs will receive HP buffs upon job advancement.

Crafting / Maker

If you're all about crafting items, you'll love the upgraded crafting system.

Monster Memories

Collect monster cards to gain a significant boost in stats, shareable by account.

Weekly Challenges

Every week, receive a new set of 5 challenges, which will reward you with Spirit Points.

Cash Items

Over 2000+ new items, mounts, and chairs have been imported from various regions.


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