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Maple Points

How do I purchase and how does it work?

Click on the "Purchase MP" button on the right, or click here. You'll be redirected to our Selly store. Select the package you like, and checkout with a valid email. You will receive a coupon code in your inbox. Speak with Jarvis in-game (@jarvis) and he'll cash in your coupon for you. He will also help you with any of the options listed below under "What can I buy with my Maple Points"

What payment methods do you accept?
Here's a full list of our current available payment methods Credit, Debit, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Google Pay

Can I give my coupon codes to someone?

Yes. Keep in mind, coupons are single-use. We are not responsible for accidental sharing of coupon codes.

What can I buy with my Maple Points?
  • Premium Hairs/Faces/Eyes/Skins
  • Premium Chairs and Mounts
  • Premium Cash Shop Equipment
  • Premium Pets
  • Instant In-Game Name Change
  • Instant In-Game Gender Change
  • Auto Pet Food Skill (30 Days)
  • Auto All-Cure Pendant (30 Days)
  • Miu Miu the Traveling Merchant (30 Days)
  • VIP Teleport Rock (30 Days)
  • Beauty Book (Permanent)
  • Convert any Cash Equip to Permanent


This is a purchase of a virtual good. By completing your transaction, you agree that the transaction is FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE. Any attempt at chargebacks will result in permanent removal from the Yuna Network. All transactions are secured and encrypted by the Selly/Stripe APIs.

Maple Points Breakdown

$5 USD

5,000 MP

$10 USD

11,000 MP

$20 USD

22,000 MP

$50 USD

55,000 MP

$100 USD

120,000 MP

$200 USD

250,000 MP