Welcome to YunaMS - Old School MapleStory, enhanced! Click here to learn more about our features and what we have to offer. Join our discord server to see what everyone's up to. Remember to vote for free daily NX! Enjoy~

About Us

Welcome to YunaMS! Step into a revitalized version of MapleStory - designed for those who cherish the golden days. Our world is tailored for both nostalgia and modern convenience, offering smoother and faster progression to keep you engaged.

With a strong emphasis on party play, and our unmatched quality-of-life enhancements, you’ll find camaraderie and adventure at every turn.

We're excited to have you! See you in game!!

Server Info

Game Version: 83

Experience Rate: 3x

Meso Rate: 3x

Drop Rate: Custom

Quest Rate: 5x

Spawn Rate: 2x

Server Time: YU:NA MS

Online Players: ...

Server Status: ...


High Level Gear

Late game equips have been imported such as: Zakum's Poisonic, Timeless and Sweetwater.

HP Washing

We buffed Max HP gained from job advancement, from collecting Monster Cards and there's a cool item called Beast Slayer which you can find in the Cash Shop (Equip tab, Ring section).

Monster Cards

Receive up to +100 AP, +100 WDEF/MDEF and +1000 Max HP/MP as permanent bonus stats for each card set completed.


Your one-stop-shop! Jarvis can help you with most of your day-to-day operations. Use the in-game command @jarvis.

Level 300

The maximum player level has increased from 200 to 300!

Daily 2x Exp Chests

Receive chests that give you 2x Exp boosts daily!

New & Balanced Skills

All classes have been retouched to ensure fair gameplay.

Spirit Points

Points received for completing weekly challenges, expeditions, defeating area bosses, playing events, jump quests and more!


Take on over 20 different bosses from various regions.

Area Bosses

Respawn timers on area bosses are offset by +/-20% of their normal time. This is to prevent spawn killing. Defeating area bosses will reward Spirit Points

Weekly Challenges

Receive 5 challenges every Sunday, before midnight (server time). Each challenge completed rewards 10 Spirit Points and an additional 20 Spirit Points for completing all challenges.

PQ Points

Completing Party Quests will provide Party Quest Points. They can also be traded for Spirit Points. Harder party quests will reward more points.

Jump Quests

Dedicated Jump Quest System which rewards Spirit Points for completion.

Cash Shop

Thousands of new items have been added to the Cash Shop. Make sure you're voting!

New Chairs

Hundreds of chairs imported from various game versions and regions.

Automated Events

Every 6 hours, a randomized event will occur. Players have the option to join and test their skills for some Event Points, which can be traded for in-game goodies.

EXP System

Receive bonus EXP while in a party with others. Certain PQ rewards have been buffed as well as boss expeditions.


Certain rules exist to make leeching more fair. These rules ensure do not apply for bosses.

Expanded World

Multiple regions have been imported such as: Ulu City, Lion Heart Castle, Shaolin Temple, Henesys Ruins, and much more!

Maker Skill

No longer will you lose stats. Instead, gain up to +5 on respective stats. The higher tier crystal used, the higher the stat gain.

Additional Storage

Dedicated storages for your chairs, ores, scrolls, and skillbooks! Resources are automatically stored once looted, with unlimited capacity. You can access this system via Jarvis.


All Gachapon have been moved to Gachapon Land, located in the Free Market far to the right.

Customizable Client

Configure your game via editing a settings file included with your game files.

Advanced Anti-Cheat

Squashing hackers with an advanced packet and thread detection system.