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Troubleshooting Guide [YunaMS]

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Sep 13, 2022
Last updated: November 6th, 2023


The following troubleshooting guide will assist you with some of the common problems and their solutions.
This table will be updated as additional issues/solutions arise:

1Files disappearing, especially YunaMS.exe, or nothing happens when I open the client, or game opens briefly then closesMultipleSteps:
  • Disable your antivirus/defender
  • Add the entire YMS folder to your exclusions list
  • Delete the file called version or version.data in your YMS folder
  • Run Patcher.exe to re-obtain all missing files
  • Run YunaMS.exe!

  • Right-click desktop
  • Select Display Settings
  • Select Advanced Display Settings
  • Change Refresh Rate to any value GREATER than 59 Hz
  • Run YunaMS.exe!

  • If all else fails, please delete the YMS folder and re-download the full set of game files freshly from our download page
2To run this application, you must install .NET Desktop Runtime static x64Lacking system requirement(s)
3MSVCRXXX.DLL not found OR receiving error 0x000007b OR error with MSVCPXXX.DLLLacking system requirement(s)
4Failed to load d3dx9_xx.DLL, or DirectX-related error message, or d3d8.dll not foundLacking system requirement(s)
5Game crashes with no error, especially when opening your inventory or when entering a mapMismatched registry settings
  • Type `/resetsettings` in-game (if you are able to at least land in-game)
  • Close all clients and re-open


  • Close all clients you have open
  • Click here to download and run the fix
  • Open this file
  • Re-open YunaMS
6Vote did not go throughGTOP server may be lagging, or did not register your vote
  • Ensure you received a "SUCCESS" message when voting; if not, retry the vote
  • If you received a "SUCCESS", wait up to 5 minutes for your vote to be received; typically, though, this should be instant
  • Ensure your ad blockers are off, and that you aren't using a privacy-heavy browser like Brave
  • Try a different browser, device, or account
7Error code -2147467261, or Unspecified ErrorResolution-related discrepancy
  • Ensure your monitor refresh rate is at LEAST 60hz
  • Update settings.ini to change your resolution to another (preferably option 1)
  • If using a NVIDIA GPU: go to the NVIDIA control panel > click"manage settings 3D (on the left side) > "program settings" tab. Put YunaMS.exe there and choose "image scaling" and enable scaling using GPU core
  • Ensure your graphics drivers are fully up-to-date
  • Try running in compatibility mode for Windows 7 or Windows XP
8Extreme game or network lag; keep disconnecting or crashing; login button stuck for a minute before proceedingNetwork-related discrepancy; particularly experienced by overseas users
9Patcher update failed, or Access Denied, or Unauthorized Access Exception, or Patcher.exe asks for .NET runtime installN/A
  • Download and install this
  • Replace your patcher with this one
  • Please close any MapleStory windows, as well as the patcher, then re-runthe patcher
  • Can be an array of issues; please upload the contents of your Logs folder inside your YunaMS folder and create a post in the troubleshooting section with your logs link. Your issue will be addressed ASAP. Please try deleting your files and re-download from our homepage, then run the patcher again; do NOT mix any files as the patcher will handle everything
10Unable to connect to the serverN/A
11Invalid, corrupted, or outdated files errorFiles were either deleted, corrupted during patch, or tampered with after installation
  • In most cases, all you need to do is run Patcher.exe located inside your YunaMS folder - this will analyze all your game files and provide you with only the files you need
  • If this does not fix your issue, please re-download from the homepage and run the patcher once more.
12How do I enable client mods?N/A
  • Most mods can be done using our Widget in-game (check the bottom-right of your screen in game.
  • Inside your YunaMS folder, you will see a file named settings or settings.ini - there's a few mods available here, but most will be in the widget. If you want to change something here, open this file and make the changes you'd like as instructed. When you're done, save the file, and restart your client.
13Entire screen is flickering, and seeing doubleGraphical issue, separate from GFX, which has an unknown cause currently
  • Close your game and run the patcher
14Skills not working
or pet auto pot not working, or unable to see mob names or health bars
N/APlayers were able to resolve this issue by following these steps IN ORDER:
  • Type `/resetsettings` in-game
  • Close your game
  • Update your Windows (check for Windows updates)
  • Restart your computer
  • Run patcher and launch game

15Random crashes, or Error code -2147221000 (DLL for class not found) or ERROR 38N/A
  • Ensure you have run the patcher
  • Ensure your antivirus or Windows Defender is excluding the entire YMS folder
  • Download and install .NET Framework 3.5
  • Ensure your desktop background is NOT on slideshow mode, or rotating, or any sort of desktop background that changes after a few minutes
  • Close Chrome and any additional web browsers
  • Close any background processes that may be interrupting the YMS process
  • Follow this tutorial to set your system's locale to English US, then restart your computer. Make sure you UNCHECK "use unicode"

  • If you are still receiving this error, ensure that the entire name of your directory contains only ENGLISH characters (i.e. c:/user/yuna and not c:/users/yunã or anything that is not english characters)
16Maker Skill does not finish executing - button appears clicked, or maker does not do anythingN/A
  • Try crafting something random first, then try again. If it does not work after doing this, see steps below

Players were able to resolve this issue by following these steps IN ORDER:
  • Type `/resetsettings` in-game
  • Close your game
  • Update your Windows (check for Windows updates)
  • Restart your computer
  • Open your game and try again

17Strange symbols or characters appear in-game; then shortly crashing with 0x008 error, or error -2147221000Invalid directory, or system locale
  • Follow this tutorial to set your system's locale to English US, then restart your computer. Make sure you UNCHECK "use unicode"
  • Ensure that the directory your YMS folder exists in does NOT have any special characters such as -,.*~, etc. Must contain only English letters and normal slashes/
  • Ensure your desktop background is NOT on slideshow mode (change it to be a static, non-changing, image or solid color instead
18"Bad Image" error or error status 0xc000012fProcess was interrupted while patching or launching
19Receiving the "Game Update available" message even after running the patcherLocal version mismatch
  • Delete the file named version (or version.data), then run the patcher again
  • NOTE: do not do this every time. Only delete the file if you are unable to patch
20Screen shaking wildly, can't see anything straightN/A
  • Close your game, and run the patcher
21Unable to connect to login server / server check notice, even when server is onlineNetwork-related issues
  • Please first ensure the server is ONLINE, by going to our main website yuna.ms and checking the status. If it is online, continue reading:

22How can I reset my widget settings?N/A
  • Type `/resetsettings` in-game
  • Close any clients you have open
  • Reopen game
  • Done!

23Not seeing any skill animations or damage numbersRegistry mismatch with local client
  • Type `/resetsettings` in-game
  • Close any clients you have open
  • Reopen game
  • Done!

24Game randomly crashes with a pop-up that freezes the game. Pop-up states: "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library" but has no text.Runtime issues
  • Close all clients you have open
  • Download and run this
  • Download and run this as well
  • Right-click your YMS folder > Properties > Ensure the "Read-only" check box is completely BLANK (not checked, no black square)
  • Reopen game
25"The application was unable to start correctly" Error 0xc0000142N/A
  • Ensure your antivirus has either excluded the entire YMS folder or has been disabled
  • Ensure your YunaMS folder lives in a directory/path with no special characters
  • Ensure your machine's language is set to English (US)

If the above still fails, continue reading:
  • Click start
  • Open Command Prompt
  • Run this:
    for %i in (%windir%\system32*.dll) do regvr32.exe / s%i
  • Run this as well:
    for %i in (%windir%\system32*.ocx) do regsvr32.exe / s%i

If your issue was not addressed in this table, please join us on Discord and post your issue there.
If you don't use discord, please create a post HERE using THIS template.

Thank you!
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