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Sep 13, 2022

Seeing the patch notes here means the update has already taken place and is live.
To receive the update, please run the Patcher, which is located in your YMS folder.
If you are still having trouble with the patcher, please re-download the game files from here. They are freshly uploaded with each patch.

Latest Patches:
Quality of Life Changes:
- Players can now re-obtain Eye of Fire from Adobis even after completing the intial trials

- Fixed an issue where certain cash items were not appearing in the permanent-ize menu
- Fixed an issue preventing premium items from being gifted
- Fixed a few issues with how Superior Arrows were handled (stacking and such)
- Fixed a crash related to interactions with Chaos Horntail
Glad to see the recent changes were received well! This patch will fix up any remaining issues from the previous, and make some adjustments~

Terms of Service Changes:
- 1st offense for botting will now incur a 3-day ban, along with removal of all items/mesos on ALL characters on ALL accounts
- 2nd offense for botting will now incur a permanent ban on all accounts

Skill Changes:
- [Dark Knight] Adjusted Aura of the Beholder formula to 67% instead of 70% to ensure heals don't go above threshold
- [Corsair] Echo of Hero and Explorer's Blessing can now be used while on Battleship

Cash Shop Additions:
- [Overall]: Cottontail Rabbit Dress
- [Shoes]: Umbral Boots
- [Cape]: Heartbeat Devil Tail
- [Weapon]: Cat Soul
- [Weapon]: Silver Bell

Quality of Life Changes:
- Added @redeem command for easier redemption of Selly store coupons
- Added Fast Travel Ticket (30 day) to Jarvis' donator shop
- Added Elemental Wands/Staves to Toad's drop table

- Fixed an issue where JQs were still awarding old spirit point values
- Fixed an issue where Thunderbreaker's Spark would trigger false autobans
- Fixed an issue where players were receiving outdated versions of the tier 5 quester ring
- Fixed an issue where certain cash items were wrongfully made permanent
- Fixed an issue with Empress where she would randomly heal herself out of the typical healing cycle
- Fixed an issue with Empress where threaten would sometimes not apply
- Fixed an issue with Empress where she would sometimes fail to execute her remaining heals
In an effort to jump-start new player activity a starter package has been added to our Selly store, which includes:
- 1 randomized donor pet (Permanent)
- 1 Meso Magnet (30 days)
- 1 Item Pouch (30 days)
- 1 Auto HP (30 days)
- 1 Auto MP (30 days)
- 1 Wing Boots (30 days)
- 1 Binocular (30 days)
- 1 Aura Belt (30 days)
- 4 Aura Rings (30 days)
- 2 Super Stylist Coupons (Allows you to change your hair/face to a premium style; free colour change included)

Click here to go directly to the Selly product page to grab one~

Quality of Life Changes:
- Scissors of Karma can now be used on Broken Glasses
- Ultimate Quester Ring replaced with Apex Quester Ring (speak to Jarvis to re-obtain)
- Players below level 100 will now receive 2x the mesos (@rates command will reflect this)
- Increased the drop rate of all items from all non-boss monsters by 100%
- Increased the meso drops of all monsters by 300%
- Increased the meso drops of LHC monsters by an additional 30%
- Decreased the amount of mesos/drops received in Ghost Ship 2 by 50%
- Decreased the Spirit Point gains for Jump Quests slightly
- Increased the cost of 15% scrolls in the Spirit Point Shop from 5 to 10
- Increased the cost of CSS/CS/WS scrolls in the Spirit Point Shop from 50/60/70 to 80/80/80
- Added Zakum Certificate to Chaos Zakum's drop table

Dev Notes: In response to player feedback and to rebalance the in-game economy, we've increased meso and item drop rates to address scarcity while raising Spirit Point shop costs to encourage prioritization of mesos. These adjustments, in addition to the doubling of meso rates for players below 100, aim to promote a healthier economic flow: favoring players in the early-to-mid game who can rack up mesos to sell the items/scrolls they accrue, and emphasizing mesos as the primary currency. Additionally, given that players have access to more ways to obtain Spirit Points now more than ever, the adjustment to the costs is justified to slightly slow down end-game progression. Finally, it is worth noting that the Spirit Point shop is intended to serve as a supplement, not the main source of gear modification, and these changes reflect that goal. We will monitor how these changes impact the economy going forward and thank you for your continued support and feedback!!

- Fixed an issue where Crash would prioritize non-boss monsters
- Fixed an issue where Arans were unable to re-cast Monster Rider to cancel their mount
- Fixed an issue where Aura of the Beholder was using BASE max HP instead of CURRENT max HP
- Fixed an issue where Empress would be invulnerable to Threaten
- Fixed an issue with object ID assignment, likely causing issues with disappearing NPCs/Monsters
- Fixed a visual bug with pets when used within Jump Quests (and by fix, I mean disabled pets in JQs)

If you are having trouble with patching, please post in the forum or discord. Otherwise, re-download here!


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Sep 13, 2022
Older Patches:
New Mini-Game: Minesweeper
- Use the @minesweeper command to get started (Thanks Chronos!)
View attachment 1194

New Mini-Game: Match the ETC
- Use the @match command to get started (Thanks Chronos!)
View attachment 1195

Skill Changes:
- [NEW Skill: Corsairs]: Bullet Storm; consumes 200 bullets up-front and allows for unlimited bullet usage
- [NEW Skill: Dawn Warriors]: Weapon Crash; nullifies the physical defense of enemies
- Dark Knight's Aura of the Beholder will now stop healing at 70% HP (for maintaining Berserk)

Dev Notes: Bullet Storm will help Corsairs compete with their projectile counterparts. This skill can be obtained initially from Samuel in the Forest of the Priest automatically when you job advance, however for those who have already job advanced, simply speak to Samual again. Skill books have also been added to the drop table. Dawn Warrior's weapon crash will also be learned immediately upon job advancing, but if you have already job advanced, speak to Cygnus in Ereve to learn the skill.

View attachment 1199View attachment 1198

Quality of Life Changes:
- Added boss percentages next to their icons for easier reads on remaining HP (Thanks WindyBoy!)
- Added @rollparty and @rollexp commands (in place of @rollall)
- Roll command outputs will now be listed in order of lowest to highest
- Increased the meso drops from mobs in Future Henesys/Perion/Ereve by 30%
- Players can now convert NX Credits into Maple Points via the Donator Shop
- Sharing Tag can now be used on most (if not all) items in your EQUIP inventory
- Expanded the Pet Ignore exception list window (Thanks Goose!)

View attachment 1191View attachment 1192View attachment 1193

- Fixed an issue where other players would crash as soon as a player used Hypnotize
- Fixed an issue with storage operations when handlings arrows
- Fixed a potential issue with boss HP bars that COULD be causing issues with bosses occasionally bugging out
- Fixed a typo in the @rates command
- Fixed an interaction with the Winter Bunny weapon when used with guns

Due to the size of this patch, a manual patch is not available. Click here to re-download from the website instead!
New Cash Items:
View attachment 1175View attachment 1176View attachment 1177View attachment 1178View attachment 1179View attachment 1180View attachment 1181View attachment 1182
View attachment 1183View attachment 1184

Skill Changes:
- [Buccaneer/Thunder Breaker]: Removed charge mechanic from Corkscrew blow
- [Corsair]: Homing Beacon can now be used while on the Battleship

Widget Changes:
- Ball/Hit effects will no longer appear if the "Attacks and Buffs" transparency slider is less than 30% (Thanks Syntax!)
- Added a few more tooltips (hover over a section to view)

Quality of Life Changes:
- New players on an account that has completed their mount quest will now automatically receive the skill/mount upon creation
- Ore Storage is now account-based and will be shared across all characters on the same account
- Added Sharing Tag (30-day) to the Donator Shop, under convenience items
- Added 15% earring scrolls for all stats to the Spirit Point Shop
- Added @rollall command; available to party/expeditions leaders to roll for all their members
- Added a min. level requirement of Lv. 70 to Jump Questing
- Added bonus HP/MP to the master, legend, and ultimate quester rings
- Added Earring for INT 30% to the loot table
- Added a slot to the Diligent Ring
- Increased the bonus HP/MP on Diligent Ring from 300 to 500
- Decreased the cost of Peaches from 6.5K to 4.2K mesos
- Decreased the # of LPQ tokens needed for the Broken Glasses from 25 to 20

- Fixed a visual bug where players could not see other players' red critical damage values (Thanks dreaM!)
- Fixed an issue related to Hired Merchant boxes not appearing in certain scenarios
- Fixed an issue with buff persistence priorities; will properly prioritize higher magic attack buffs
- Fixed an issue where Crash skills were not applying to the main monster if multiple were nearby
- Fixed an issue preventing players from using @leaveevent inside the Event Lobby
- Fixed an issue where the gravestone in Forest of Dead Trees would take more hits to kill Riche than intended
- Fixed a bunch of UI element behaviours in the Cash Shop for resolutions greater than 1280x720
- Fixed a bunch of unavailable items in the Cash Shop caused by an incorrect gender value
- Fixed a rope footholding issue on map: Short Castle Walls 3
- Fixed a rope footholding issue on map: Ruins of Krexel I
- Resolved timer manager issues caused by Daylight Savings Time

Due to the size of this patch, a manual patch is not available. Click here to re-download from the website instead!
New Cash Shop Items:
- Added Chair Gachapon Ticket (11) bundle
- Added Mount Gachapon Ticket (11) bundle

Weeklies Changes:
- Added Jump Quest weekly (Finish 3 to complete)
- Added Ore Loot weekly (Loot 50 ores, plates, crystals, or powders)
- Added Mob Kills Below Lv. 100 weekly (Kill 1000 monsters below level 100)
- Added Use Commands weekly (Use any 10 in-game @ command)
- Added Claim Map weekly (Use @claimmap in-game to claim any 5 maps)

Dev Notes: New weeklies will phase in automatically for the next reset on Sunday, February 25th

Quality of Life Changes:
- Added an option to Dalair where players can re-acquire medals that they've accidentally dropped (going forward!)
- JQ rankings will no longer be recorded if your completion time was slower than your personal best for that map
- JQ rankings will automatically remove older records when a personal best is achieved
- Updated the dialogue box to indicate if your completion time was your personal best; if not, will display your previous time
- Updated the prompts for bypassing the Zakum prerequisites via Adobis
- Monster Magnet 20 will now drop from Jr. Newties instead of Nest Golems; chance increased from 0.1% to 0.2%
- Bullseye 20 will now drop from Jr. Newties instead of Nest Golems; Pianus drop rate increased from 1% to 10%

- Fixed an issue with Kerning PQ bonus reward item quantities
- Fixed an issue with Pet Exclusion lists getting reset
- Fixed an issue where players would receive the wrong Heroic Star/Pentagon
- Fixed an issue where players were able to join an event while inside of a jump quest
- Fixed an issue where Knights of Cygnus were unable to use their skill points
- Fixed an issue where certain weeklies would trigger completion in an unintended way
- Fixed an issue where monster rider skills were wrongfully untaught when using SP Resets
- Fixed an issue where players would take more damage than intended if Achilles and Power Guard are both active

If you are unable to run the patcher, please post in the bug report section. Otherwise, you can download the manual patch here.
Quality of Life Changes:
- Chair Storage can now be accessed from anywhere
- Ore Storage can now be accessed from anywhere
- Ore Storage will now prompt users for the amount they'd like to store/retrieve
- Added a toggle to the widget for enabling/disabling the automatic looting feature of the Ore Storage system
- Added the following commands for easier access to NPCs: @jq, @sp, @ore

- Fixed an issue with the Amoria PQ BGM
- Fixed an issue with SP distribution via the SP Reset (All)

If you are unable to run the patcher, please post in the bug report section. Otherwise, you can download the manual patch here.
New Feature: Resource Storage
- Players now have access to a dedicated storage for all their ores/plates/crystals/powders, accessible via Jarvis
- Resources are stored automatically once the item is looted, or can be stored manually via Jarvis
- Storage capacity is unlimited; store-away!
View attachment 1166

New Item: SP Reset (All)
- Players can now reset ALL their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th job skill points in one shot
- Resets will NOT impact beginner-level skills
- Can be purchased via the Cash Shop
- Players can still purchase regular resets from the Cash Shop, if they prefer single-digit changes
View attachment 1167

New Item Set: Maple Pyrope
- Added level 105 item set to bridge the gap between low-mid game
- Obtainable via GPQ (see updates below!)
View attachment 1168View attachment 1169View attachment 1170View attachment 1171

Guild Party Quest (GPQ) / Ergoth's Dungeon Changes:
- Renamed Guild Party Quest to Ergoth's Dungeon

- Added Maple Pyrope item set to Ergoth's drop table
- Added 20m EXP gain upon clearing Ergoth's Throne
- Added Shuang in the bonus stage for faster exiting
- Added platforms on the far-right jump puzzle of the Room of Justice
- Removed the requirement for users to be in the same guild (you must still be in 1; only the leader will receive GP)
- Removed wall collision of the bottom section of the Room of Faith
- Removed all level 30- requirements
- Removed the wait time between entering the expedition and the initial portal opening
- Increased the drop rate of all consumables from the bonus stage by 15%
- Increased the Spirit Point gain upon completion of the dungeon from 10 to 15
- Increased the min. level requirement from 30 to 90
- Increased the max. number of Protector Rocks able to be held in inventory from 1 to 2
- Decreased the damage dealt by Dark Muscle Stone by 80%

Dev Notes: Guild Party Quest is an iconic dungeon in Maplestory. However, with modern gaming comes modern challenges. We believe these changes will breathe new life into this dungeon by removing some unnecessary obstacles while enhancing some of the rewards due to the time investment required. Although we will continue to monitor these changes, we believe this is a good balance with the dungeon and hope to see more players utilizing it. Shoutout to David and Raaj for the assist!

Chaos/Normal Zakum Loot Table Changes:
- Moved Zakum's Poisonic item drops from Chaos to Normal Zakum
- Added Chaos Scroll to Chaos Zakum's drop table
- Increased the drop chance of White Scroll from Chaos Zakum, from 4% to 10%
- Increased the drop chance of lower-chance items from Chaos Zakum, from 10% to 20%

Quality of Life Changes:
- Replaced Paul with Jarvis, in the Free Market Entrance
- Added Chair Storage's NPC trigger to Jarvis (you can still access via Gachapon land)
- Added Jump Quester Paul's NPC trigger to Jarvis
- Added descriptions to all Elemental Wands/Staves outlining damage perks
- Added holy elemental power to remaining Elemental Wands/Staves (outlined in item description)

- Fixed an issue with most (if not all) Cash Items that said they can be worn by a weapon type but couldn't be
- Fixed an issue with ladder footholding in the Ravaged Forest
- Fixed an issue with some name tag/guild emblems getting cut off (Thanks MURIDA)

Due to the size of this patch, a manual patch is not available. If the patcher is not working for you, please post in the troubleshooting section, and re-download the game here.
Empress Changes:
- Decreased the amount of Empress Diamonds dropped from 8-12 to 5-7
- Decreased the drop rate of equipment from 80% to 50%
- Reverted the 20% decrease in damage dealt and damage reduction

Pink Bean Changes:
- Decreased the amount of Rock of Time dropped from 8-12 to 5-7
- Decreased the drop rate of equipment from 80% to 50%

Dev Notes: A few patches back, we made some changes to both Pink Bean and Empress to ensure players were both able to defeat the boss, as well as receive a proportionate reward. Upon reviewing the state of the market, along with the changes to certain equipment and features in the last few months, these changes were needed to control deflation. As always, we'll continue to monitor. This will also upon up the floor to future changes/tweaks for additional content.

Gachapon Changes:
- The following items have been added to Gachapon (respective to each class, with Pirates getting both STR/DEX due to the nature of their subclasses):
View attachment 1149View attachment 1151View attachment 1152View attachment 1153View attachment 1154

- Fixed an issue where players were warped out of a Jump Quest earlier than expected if a previous JQ was completed
- Fixed an issue where Superior Arrows could not be transferred to storage
- Fixed an issue where the Santa Hat could not be transferred to the Cash Shop storage
- Fixed an issue with the spacing of messages in the chat bar

If the patcher is not working for you, please post in the bug report section. Otherwise, you can download the manual patch here.
With this patch, we will be concluding both our Burning and Christmas events!
We hope you enjoyed and thank you to all who participated!
Here's a few additional changes:

Quality of Life Changes:

- Premium hairs/faces will now appear in alphabetical order
- Expanded skill UI by 2 slots
- Increased Prime Minister's monster card drop rate from 6.5% to 65% (to match its counterparts)

- Fixed the legendary GFX crash; players should no longer crash repeatedly throughout the day!
- Fixed an issue where players would be required to relog onto their alts to manually exit Happyville
- Fixed an issue with how Jarvis handles exiting a dialogue when selecting the donator shop
- Fixed an issue where players were not properly notified of an issue when trying to remove a guild from their alliance

If the patcher is not working for you, please post in the bug report section. Otherwise, you can download the manual patch here.
Holiday Changes:
🎄 The Free Market Entrance Gets a Holiday Makeover
  • Step into a winter wonderland as we've revamped the Free Market entrance with a festive touch.
🎁 Rooney's Annual Visit to the FM
  • Rooney is visiting the Free Market, ready to trade Maplemas Stars for delightful goodies.
❄️ Global Drops of Nevermelting Snow and Maplemas Stars and more!
  • Keep an eye out as Nevermelting Snow and Maplemas Stars, along with other seasonal surprises, dropped all across the Maple World.
⛄ Summon a Snowman Boss
  • Bring Nevermelting snow to Happy in Happyville to spawn a formidable Snowman boss! Challenge your skills and win big.
🎉 Shiny Event Box for All Players
  • Defeat the Snowman boss, and every player will receive a shiny event box packed with exciting treasures.
  • To ensure a fair and joyful holiday experience, we're implementing a one-character-per-machine check.
💰 20% OFF Maple Points
  • Don't miss out on our limited-time Maple Point sale use code MAPLEMAS23 at checkout!
🔥 Burning Event
  • Our Burning Event is still live! Take advantage of 2x the level up until level 120!
🕛 Ending on January 1st, 11:59
  • All of these shenanigans will only be around until January 1st at 11:59pm, so make the most of it while you can!

Quality of Life Changes:
- Damage quota for Spirit Points removed for the following bosses: ZAKUM, WULIN, PAP, CPAP, KREX, SCARGA
- Added a few checks to prevent accidental use of Town Scrolls in restricted maps
- Increased the drop rate of Empty Potion Bottle for quest: Helping Kriel Out, to 100%

- Fixed a recurring crash related to vendor interactions (Thanks again Goose!)
- Fixed an issue where players would crash when viewing the Collection tab of a character card
- Fixed an issue where Krexel's left eye would become Magic Immune for longer than intended
- Fixed an issue with Sharing Tag when used with a full storage, immediately upon login

View attachment 1134View attachment 1135View attachment 1136

Enjoy~ ✨

Manual patch: Due to the size of this patch, a manual patch is not available. If you run into issues with the patcher, please re-download the game.
Quality of Life Changes:
- Beauty Book is now account-shareable rather than per-character
- Disabled auto-assign AP in favor of stat-based commands to prevent players from accidentally assigning secondary stats

- Fixed an issue with the Sharing Tag causing unintended interactions with player storages
- Fixed an issue causing players to crash occasionally when using a vendor shop
- Fixed an issue where certain hairs/faces showed "NO-NAME"
- Fixed an issue where players would be soft-locked when opening a mini-game
- Fixed an issue where 15% Helmet Scrolls in the Spirit Point shop were unintentionally flagged as untradeable

Click here for the manual patch (for those who have trouble running the patcher)
As of this patch, the Burning Event is now LIVE! All players below level 120 will now level up TWICE per level. This event will last until the end of December, so be sure to grab your pals and begin slaying those pesky beasts. Additionally, this update will pre-load some of our Christmas content, which will be made available in a later patch. Here's what's new for today's patch:

New Item: Sharing Tag
View attachment 1127

- Allows players to transfer an item in their inventory directly to storage
- Useful for items that can't typically be stored
- Eligible items: Sweetwater, Timeless, and Reverse gear
- Can be purchased via the Cash Shop ETC tab > Game section

Skill Changes:
- [All Warriors]: Rush can now be used without a mob present
- [Wind Archer]: Final Attack actually works now; attacks occur instantly, without delay, just like the other FA's

Quality of Life / Additional Changes:
- Beginners now have the option to skip the Maple Island beginner phase (see in-game for details)
- Expanded the storage and vendor windows by 9 slots (Thanks Goose!)
- Town scrolls can now be assigned to a key mapping and used just like a potion
- Items received from the PQ point shop will now be tradeable by default
- Jump Quests are now limited per account instead of per character, as intended
- Maple Tips are now a bit more relevant
- Added the Orbis ETC Exchange quest to Staff Sergeant Charlie in Orbis
- Added Helmet for STR/LUK 10%/30%/60% scrolls to monster drop tables
- Added Helmet for STR/DEX/INT/LUK 15% scrolls to the Spirit Point shop
- Increased the drop rate of Zombie's Lost Gold Tooth from 2% to 10%
- Increased the drop rate of all Yeti & King Pepe monster cards from 6.6% to 66%
- Decreased the maker cost for creating Rock of Time from 50m to 11m
- Decreased the Proof of Pink Bean maker requirement for Rock of Time from 5 to 3
- Decreased the Proof of Empress maker requirement for Empress' Diamond from 5 to 3

- Fixed an issue with timers not persisting when entering portals in Jump Quests
- Fixed an issue where left-aligned item descriptions would not display in the Cash Shop
- Fixed an issue with merchants that would cause duplicate visitors
- Fixed an issue with items falling in the wrong position on Mountain Road 1 and 2
- Fixed a few mobs on the wiki page that would cause Server Error 500
- Fixed a few null issues preventing players from exiting certain PQ instances

View attachment 1128View attachment 1129

View attachment 1131

Manual Patch (if needed): https://www.mediafire.com/file/r1e7inmwgkf6j8l/Manual+Patch.rar/file
Expedition Spirit Point Changes:
- Increased Pap/CPap/Wulin/MVPQ gains from 1 to 3
- Increased Krex gain from 3 to 5
- Increased Scarga gain from 3 to 6
- Increased Zakum gain from 5 to 7
- Increased GPQ gain from 3 to 10
- Increased Chaos Zakum gain from 20 to 25
- Increased Chaos Horntail gain from 25 to 30

Quality of Life Changes:
- Paul (JQ NPC) has moved from Sleepywood to the Free Market
- Pets will now automatically be stored/retrieved when entering/exiting a Jump Quest
- Added a timer to Jump Quests to give players a better idea of their run time

- Fixed an issue with Monster Magnet that caused all players on the map to crash immediately upon use
- Fixed an issue where some players were unable to open their weeklies
New System: Jump Quests
View attachment 1109
- Players can take on various Jump Quests for a chance to win Spirit Points
- You can try each JQ once per day, resetting daily at midnight
- To get started, visit Paul in Sleepywood
- Rankings can be viewed via the @rankings command
- Good luck!

Updated System: PQ Points and Shop
View attachment 1110View attachment 1111
- Increased the amount of PQ points gained per PQ, based on difficulty (see table)
- Added option to trade 1 PQ Point for 1 Spirit Point via the PQ point shop
- Added new options to the PQ Point shop to assist lower-level players (purple bamboo hat???)
- Players can now select the item they'd like instead of receiving a randomized item
- Note: Players will be capped at receiving 100 PQ points per day

Skill Changes:
- [All Classes w/Final Attack]: Final Attack animation removed; will now be instant instead of delayed after your initial attack

Quality of Life Changes:
- Updated YunaDB and features page to include all of our recent changes
- Added a multi-client check to PQs to prevent abuse of the new PQ point system
- Removed Quest Completion from the weeklies pool (all existing weeklies have been force-completed and players given 10 SP)
- Decreased Spirit Point gains for Area Bosses back to 1/2/3 from 2/3/4

Dev Notes: Regarding Spirit Points: Currently, Spirit Points can be obtained via bosses, weeklies, events, and area bosses. Now, players have the option to do JQs and PQs. With the increases to the SP gained via PQs, along with the new Jump Quest system, there are plenty of ways to obtain Spirit Points. In addition, this change has 2 other effects that benefit us in the long run: 1. Area bosses will be less preferred for SP farming than the other options, thus giving players a better chance at obtaining monster cards and/or questing, and 2. The focus will be moved from area bosses to party quests/jump quests, which is a great way for the community to engage. As always, we will continue to monitor and make changes as needed. Area bosses in general were never intended to be a main source of Spirit Points, so these changes will give clear direction on our intentions.

- Fixed an issue where Spike/Cold protection was not being added to items despite a successful scroll (for realsies this time)
- Fixed an issue where certain damage skins values would get cut-off if the user critically hit
- Fixed an issue where skill animations would sometimes infinitely display with no effect
- Fixed an issue where the wrong Snack Bar was giving Spirit Points
- Fixed an issue where Wild Kargo re-spawned extremely slowly in the Wild Kargos Area
- Fixed an issue where Chaos Zakum's summons wouldn't actually die
- Fixed a few incorrect strings on various items/maps
- Fixed marriage annulment logic for when a player deletes a character that's married
- [Please God] Potentially fixed an issue with GFX (again... an ongoing battle, be gentle)
Halloween Event Concluded!
- FM has been restored to its original state; all monsters and ghosts have returned home for the year;
- Removed Halloween Candy globally;

New Feature: Discord Integration
- Players' discords will now display YunaMS in their current activity while playing the game;
- You can disable showing your activity in Discord settings > Activity Privacy;
- Note: You must have Discord open before launching the game; if you don't use Discord, you can ignore this section;

New Items:
Monster Hunter Medal

View attachment 1098
- Awarded to players who have completed at least 350 Monster Card sets;
- Players will automatically receive the item upon their 350th set;
- Medals can be stored via storage to share within the account

Sweetwater Emerald
View attachment 1099
- Similar to the Dragon Stone, the Sweetwater Emerald can be used to upgrade the Sweetwater Pendant;
- SE can be obtained via the Maker skill for 2 Empress Diamonds;
- Note: This item should effectively become the best-in-slot pendant, after maxing out;

Skill Changes:
- [Aran] Combo Barrier has been reverted back to being a party skill;
- [Aran] Decreased Combo Barrier damage mitigation from 30% to 20%;

Dev Notes: This was initially changed to a solo skill due to interaction issues with other Arans in the same party. Since this issue is now resolved, we can change it back to how it was!

Donator Shop Changes:
- Decreased the price of Universal Transparent Pet Collar (Permanent) from 20K to 5K Maple Points;
- Decreased the price of VIP Teleport Rock (30 days) from 20K to 10K;
- Decreased the price of Safety Charm (30 days) from 20K to 10K;
- Increased the price of converting Cash items to permanent from 3K to 5K;

Widget Changes:
- Moved a bunch of configurations from the settings.ini file to the widget; can now be used without having to re-client;
- Note: settings.ini configurations will be reset, so you may need to re-adjust!

Quality of Life / Additional Changes:
- Updated the Chair and Mount Gachapon NPCs to show their offerings in alphabetical order;
- Updated the @damageskins command; can now use skins without needing to re-client; will now save upon reclienting as well;
- Updated the level 200 2x EXP coupon with a 2x EXP box (x4); each coupon lasts 1 hour; 2x begins once you open the box;
- Updated both Shoe Spike and Cape Cold Protection scrolls to be tradeable;
- Updated Foxwit's Research quest requirements; will now require a Zakum's Treebranch instead of the other absurd requirements;
- Updated how new player messages work; will now trigger once per character;
- Updated the @points command to @info instead (since the info provided isn't just points anymore!);
- Updated the top left platform in Under the Castle Walls 4 to discourage bot-like behavior;
- Updated troubleshooting guide with more potential solutions to common issues
- Added player count to the homepage (updates every 60 seconds);
- Added Timeless Pendant to the Maker skill; crafted using a Locked Timeless Pendant and Rock of Time;
- Added an option to reset dojo belt stats via So Gong in the Mu Lung Dojo Hall for a cost of 10,000 Dojo Points;
- Added a counter to indicate how many monster card sets you need to obtain the new Monster Hunter Medal;
- Added monster card set counts to the @info command
- Added more discord emojis;
- Added a /resetsettings slash command; use this only if you are encountering issues with the game!
- Increased the monster card drop rate of all bosses with >1m HP and <50m HP to 100%;
- Increased the drop chance of Magic Stone of Trust/Honesty from 4% to 50% for Dr. De Lang's quest;
- Decreased the level requirement of the Superior Medal from 250 to 1; is now account-shareable (great for those re-rolling);
- Removed the requirement of having the previous tier ring for Quest milestone rings;
- Removed the per-account vote limit from the YMS homepage;
- Removed Spirit Point gains from the following Area Bosses (to help those questing/job advancing):
  • Manon
  • Griffey
  • Deo
  • Zeno
  • Nine-Tailed Fox
  • Dodo
  • Lilynouch
  • Lyka

- Fixed an issue preventing players from exiting the Moon Bunny Playground;
- Fixed an issue preventing players from speaking with The Informant;
- Fixed an issue where players below level 16 were not able to open certain cash boxes;
- Fixed an issue where a random string related to "meso bags" would appear on certain cash boxes;
- Fixed an issue where Dark Sight was not properly canceling itself when using certain skills;
- Fixed an issue with Piercing Arrow failing to broadcast its skill effect to other players;
- Fixed an issue with Aran's Combo Barrier that prevented other Arans in the party from incrementing their combo count;
- Fixed an issue where Echo of Hero would replace Explorer's Blessing if EB was already active;
- Fixed an issue with footholdings on map: Valley of Snowman;
- Fixed an issue with certain buttons in the Cash Shop getting cut off;
- Fixed an issue with players not being able to use the ladders in Cash Shop preview;
New Event: Tag!
- Players must run away from GMs to avoid getting tagged
- If a GM comes close to you and tags you, you will be eliminated
- The top 3 survivors will be awarded 5 Event Points each

Skill Changes:
- [Shadower] Assaulter can now be used even when a target monster is not present
- [Night Lord/Night Walker] Increased Shadow Partner base damage from 50% to 80%
- [All Thieves] Dark Sight can now be re-casted to cancel itself (in addition to normal attacking)

Dev Notes: Night Lords have always been known as strong single-target DPS attackers; however, they've been consistently on the bottom of the charts. By buffing their Shadow Partners base damage, they can now more consistently deal higher amounts of damage. As for the dark sight and assaulter changes, these are just nice QoL.

- [Hero/Dawn Warrior] Increased Rage W.ATK damage from 20 to 30
- [Hero] Increased Enrage W.ATK damage from 40 to 50

Dev Notes: This one is kind of overdue and self-explanatory: rage and ciders currently give the same buff, which makes Rage effectively useless; these changes address that

Quality of Life Changes:
- All 15% scrolls obtained from the Spirit Point Shop will now be tradeable
- Updated the text of the @time command; going forward we'll follow EST since ST is confusing
- Updated 4th-job advancement box for warriors to reward the appropriate weapon scrolls based on their subclass
- Added the option to trade 20 Clean Slate 1% scrolls for a Clean Slate 20% scroll via the Maker skill
- Added @features, @guide,@ wiki, @vote commands for easier access to their respective forum/website page

General Changes:
- Increased channel load to support a higher player count
- Added a spam check on Storage NPCs to prevent players from disconnecting if they spam-click on any storage NPC
- Added Ellin Forest BGM to the jukebox
- Added forum cash item requests to the Cash Shop
- Added 10 new chairs to the Chair Gachapon

- Fixed a price mismatch for Scroll for Spikes 10% via the Maker skill
- Fixed an issue with the widget that would cause spikes in CPU/memory usage in rare scenarios
- Fixed an issue where players couldn't click on NPCs if a map reload took place
- Fixed an issue preventing players from using @leaveevent in the Event Lobby
- Fixed an issue with the Roaring Tiger avatar smega peeping its head at the top right of your screen after completion
- Fixed an issue where players couldn't exit from Ellin PQ if they decided to end the run early
- Fixed an issue with Bling Long Hair w/Blunt Bangs not permitting players to change their hair color
- Fixed an issue with W.ATK-related buff re-application order after cc-ing/re-logging; weaker buffs will no longer overwrite stronger ones
- Fixed an issue where summon-type skills would deregister abruptly based on another summon
- Fixed an issue where players would remain debuffed while exiting an event map
Skill Changes:
- [F/P Mage] Paralyze is now a multi-target skill, hitting up to 6 monsters
- [F/P Mage] Paralyze's hitbox is now centered instead of forward-attacking only

Dev Notes: Fire/Poison mages seem to be a less popular choice as they either do not have utility, like Bishops, or the mobbing ability, like I/L Mages or Blaze Wizards. By making paralyze a multi-target skill, this gives them a much-needed alternative to the typical mist mobbing/meteor shower, which both have their moments to shine, but never give a reliable/quick source of mobbing. Additionally, the hitbox was previously a forward-facing projectile. It is now centered so that FP mages can hit behind them as well.

Quality of Life Changes:
- Updated the text of Tae Soo's Reward quest to clarify the need to click on the bench, not drop the peach
- Increased the number of Roasted Pork given by Chul Sung's quest from 1 to 2
- Increased the drop chance of Fruit for the quest "The Plants are Suspicious" from 16% to 50%
- Added a check to MVPQ stage 1 to prevent players from crashing if they used the Puppet skill
- Removed the requirement to have LHC tower keys in your inventory
- Family Haste can no longer be dispelled by monsters
- Dojo belts are now account-shareable

- Fixed an issue where Halloween items wouldn't appear in the storage window for sharing between characters
- Fixed an issue where players' screens would flicker/shift every 1-2 hours
- Fixed an issue with Coy Face (M and F) having a blank F5 expression
- Fixed Freezer (Suburban Area 1) not dropping its monster card
- Fixed Glass Bridge event map missing background music
Seasonal Event: Halloween!
- The Free Market entrance has been taken over by various ghosts and ghouls... its kinda lit
- Hallowkitty has made her appearance in the FM; she seems to be looking to make a trade for some candy...interested?
- Halloween Candy will now drop globally from all monsters

New GM Event: Glass Bridge
- Players will be required to make it past a series of platforms (Squid Games, anyone?)
- If you select the portal on the correct platform, you'll move on to the next
- If you select the portal on the wrong platform, you'll fall to your de... to the beginning
- All players that reach the end before the timer runs out will be awarded 5 Event Points

Skill Changes:
- [Dawn Warrior] Moon Shadow damage reduced from 550% to 400%
- [Dawn Warrior] Intrepid Slash damage reduced from 400% to 250%
- [Dawn Warrior] Impaling Rays damage reduced from 2000% to 1000%

Dev Notes: Ah, Dawn Warriors. They appeared under-tuned, and now, are wreaking havoc with their buffed damage. DWs have been consistently appearing at the top of damage charts, despite having similar (or even worse) gear than their warrior counterparts. Looks like they were over-tuned by quite a bit, especially when we compare something like Intrepid Slash with Brandish. Given the changes to Power Stance (which will remain unchanged), damage numbers need some significant reductions to ensure things remain balanced.

Quality of Life Changes:
- [Temp.] Updated the cost of Super Megaphones from 500K to 50K mesos (to assist new players in reaching out)
- Updated the Event Point shop to allow players to purchase multiple quantities of an item at once
- Added @smega command; allows you to use Super Megaphones without the need to click (must have at least 1 smega in inventory)
- Added the YunaMS login and original Free Market BGMs to the @jukebox command (bottom of the list)
- Added crafting powder to the Spirit Point shop
- Added more Oyster reactors in The Generator Room

- Fixed an issue where the invitee of a Maple Messenger Chat would be exited from chat if the inviter changed maps
- Fixed an issue where players were sometimes unable to proceed past CWKPQ stage 2 despite all the sigils being activated
- Fixed an issue where players could not family teleport/summon to The Passage
- Fixed an issue where players' returnMap ID would be set to -1, preventing them from using script-based portals (i.e. exiting FM)
- Fixed an issue where players would not receive the "You have played for X hours" client message
- Fixed an issue where reactors on the following maps would not respawn: Orbis, Orbis Park, Generator Room
- Fixed an issue where the text on some shoes would appear as "NO-NAME"
- Fixed a few client-related issues (these were sent out via hotfixes, so just a reminder to run the patcher to grab all the updates!)
Skill Changes:
- [I/L Mage] Adjusted Chain Lightning's bounce logic; will now reach more targets nearby the first target hit
- [Shadower] Increased the attack count of Assaulter from 1 to 2 (to better compete with Savage Blow)

Quality of Life Changes:
- [Temp.] Increased the duration of Hired Merchants from 24 to 72 hours (this feature is TEMPORARY, contingent upon player count)
- [Temp.] All players will now receive a notice when a new player logs in, in an effort to help out newcomers (same logic as above)

Performance Changes:
- Optimized client memory management; client should now start ~2-3 seconds faster
- Optimized server packet management; reduces wait time between in-game actions for high-latency clients
- Improved performance of client and widget; handling of CPU/RAM/GPU usage is now more efficient; also reduces occurrences of GFX
- Removed unnecessary calls to server instancing; should lower the burden on the server itself

Dev Notes: To give some context on these changes, we are now using a newer, stable, client; as such, all edits that were made directly to the client are now ported over to our custom DLL; Some may have been missed due to the naive nature of my programming skills back then, so if you come across any of these MINOR issues, we would appreciate a swift report using @gm in-game, or on the discord. We do not anticipate many (if any) issues, but if we do, they are easily patchable without the need for a restart. Quick and painless!

Additional Changes:
- Added all new Cash Shop item requests
- Added 2 new faces to the premium shop

- Fixed an issue where Superior Arrows would be removed from inventories if they reached 0 and you had more than 1 set
- Fixed an issue where the widget would automatically hide itself after a few seconds of staying open
- Fixed an issue where players could proceed with the Forgotten Master questline despite having a full inventory
The Burning Event has now concluded! Thank you all for your participation and support!!

Skill Changes:
- NightLord/NightWalker's Shadow Star duration increased from 2 minutes to 5 minutes

Quality of Life:
- Widget settings will now be saved and loaded upon reclienting; Note: data is stored per machine, not per client
- Pet autopot will now use as many potions as needed to reach the threshold set by players
- Players can now gift others premium Mount Covers
- The Gifting Centre has been moved from the Donator Shop section of Jarvis to the main window for easier access
- Guild member maximum capacity increased from 200 to 250

- Fixed an issue preventing the Genie from taking users to/from Ariant/Orbis
- Fixed an issue that caused Area Boss event schedules to break; causing bosses not to spawn on schedule
- Fixed an issue preventing players from entering the Gate to the Future once they've reached level 150
Quality of Life:
- Added back @dps command (sometimes DPS testing with a dummy is a bit easier)
- Decreased the level requirement for Future Henesys and Future Perion by 10 levels (now 150/170, respectively)
- Decreased the volume on Blaze Wizard's Fire Pillar hit sound by 60% (Thanks @DoobyDingus)

- Fixed Spirit Point gains wrongfully decaying for specific expeditions with larger parties
- Fixed the event rule description for Red Light, Green Light
- Fixed player current HP values sometimes exceeding their max HP values, causing visual bugs
- Fixed current HP values being set back to pre-hyperbody values upon changing channels while HB is active
- Fixed the level requirement on the Suspicious Wanderer quest
- Fixed Free Market entry/exit portal preventing players from exiting the Free Market
- Fixed a rare occurrence of player's accounts remaining logged in when they actually logged off
Website Changes:
- Updated UX for the password/PIC reset portions of the homepage
- Added additional rate-limiting protocols to prevent potential DDoS attacks
- Added dedicated Login/Signup and Download buttons for a more obvious call-to-action (great for new members)

Skill Changes:
- Nightwalker's Enveloping Darkness will no longer be dispelled by monsters
- Thunder Breaker's Static Focus will no longer be dispelled by monsters
- Dawn Warrior's Power Stance proc chance increased from 50% to 95%
- Dawn Warrior's Power Stance is no longer a party skill

Dev Notes: Thank you all for your feedback! The general sentiment around Dawn Warrior's is that they are in a much better place, however, the low proc chance of stance was a bit too low when it came to DW's self-stance. Since we cannot decouple self vs. party stance procs due to v83 buff stat limitations (without a major rewrite), the consensus is to revert back to a solo skill and up the proc instead. An iterative process, indeed, so we appreciate your patience!

New Event Point Reward: Shiny Event Box
- Traded for 15 Event Points via Jarvis; double-click to obtain an item as follows:
- 70% chance to obtain a common item (15% scrolls)
- 20% chance to obtain an uncommon item (low-tier CSS scrolls, Pet Equip ATK/MATK 60% scrolls, Advanced Gems)
- 10% chance to obtain a rare item (Chaos, White, CSS20 scrolls)

Quality of Life Changes:
- Items received from the Cash Shop Surprise can now be gifted via Jarvis; gifting now incurs a 100 MP fee to mitigate potential abuse
- Spirit Point reduction multiplier (for large parties) now only applies to expeditions that give at least 6 Spirit Points by default

- Fixed bonus yellow EXP not being accounted for in the widget's EXP tracker
- Fixed players receiving 0 Spirit Points for expeditions that provide 1 Spirit Point (for large parties)
- Fixed an issue with mob buff stats which prevented them from being stunned in certain scenarios
Widget Changes:
- Updated the Skill Animation toggle; will now only apply to others' attack-based animations (excluding buffs)
- Updated some tooltips for clarity

- Fixed wrongfully decaying Spirit Point gains within expeditions of 7 or more members
- Fixed damage tracker not properly displaying damage when Marauder's Energized Punch is active
- Fixed summon-type skills (i.e. Bahamut) not respawning properly after changing channels
- Fixed a graphical issue related to multiple clients being opened at once
- Fixed a threading issue related to database transactions
Introducing Widgets!

Highly requested, the new widget system will allow players to interact with their game in a more convenient way. Here are a few images, which you can begin using in-game using the "Widget" button at the bottom right of your screen

View attachment 1006View attachment 1011View attachment 1008View attachment 1009View attachment 1010

Skill Changes:
- Buccaneer's Critical Punch renamed to Energized Punch
- Buccaneer's Energized Punch no longer provides critical chance (previously bugged)
- Buccaneer's Energized Punch damage increased from 20% to 25% (offsets issue with bug)

Quality of Life Changes:
- Increased the # of Rock of Times dropped by Pink Bean from 3-5 to 5-10
- Increased the drop rate of weapons from Pink Bean from 20% to 80%
- Increased the # of Empress' Diamond dropped by Empress from 2-4 to 8-12
- Increased the drop rate of weapons from Empress from 50% to 80%
- Decreased Empress' min. level requirement from 225 to 200 (allowing for easier matchmaking)
- Decreased Empress' damage dealt and reduction by 20% (let's make this killable and monitor the changes!)
- Updated the backups.rar file inside your YMS directory to include frequently lost files
- Removed @toggle, @dps, and @epm commands (can now be used directly from the widget!)

- Fixed players being teleported to the wrong location after exiting Florina Beach
- Fixed players not receiving Spirit Point when defeating normal Papulatus
- Fixed an issue causing players to crash if they try to change the color of their Not-So-Chucklehead face
Skill Changes:
- Dawn Warrior's Moonshadow reverted to its original state; damage increased from 500% to 550%
- Dawn Warrior's Impaling Rays reverted to its original state; damage increased from 1000% to 2000%
- Dawn Warrior's Intrepid Slash damage increased from 310% to 400%
- Dawn Warrior's Power Stance now passively gives the caster scaling damage reduction; does not require buff to be active
- Dawn Warrior's Power Stance proc chance decreased from 90% to 50% (caster and all party members)

Dev Notes: Dawn Warriors have been in an interesting place; some would argue they lack identity, while others argue they lack damage. They simply don't have their own place. Party stance was well-received, however, it's definitely a little too OP considering its old proc chance. Previous changes to DW resulted in them becoming stance mules instead of a standalone class. With today's changes, Dawn Warriors should become more of a solid pick, providing them with their own identity along with some additional damage and much needed survivability. Will continue to monitor feedback to see how these changes are received. Thank you!

Quality of Life Changes:
- Players can now establish mini-games in expedition lobby maps
- Players will now be required to drop the Golem's Marble before exiting EllinPQ to ensure they receive their rewards at exit
- Neo City questline EXP multiplied by 14x to be more in line with its difficulty
- Increased the respawn rate of Manon/Griffey/Dodo/Lilynouch/Lyka; from 3-4 hours to 40-80 minutes (for 4th job and ToT questlines)
- Increased the attack speed of Reverse, Timeless, and Sweetwater 2H Axes from NORMAL to FAST (existing items updated)
- Increased the base WATK of Reverse, Timeless, and Sweetwater 2H Axes by +10 WATK (existing items updated)
- Wiki fully synced with game files

Cash Shop Changes:
- Requests processed (mostly); 80+ new items added to the Cash Shop
- New female hairs added to the donator shop

- Fixed Buccaneer's Critical Punch replacing Sharp Eyes icon when recast
- Fixed Buccaneer's Critical Punch not applying its damage buff in certain scenarios
- Fixed quest Sabitrama's Anti Aging Medicine not providing rewards in certain scenarios
- Fixed weekly boss challenges completing twice in certain scenarios
- Fixed Coy Face [F] facial expressions appearing blank
- Fixed players spawning in the wrong location when joining the Halloween JQ event
- Fixed players warping out to Henesys instead of their saved map when speaking to the Doll Master
- Fixed an issue preventing Eastern China maps from appearing on the Yuna DB wiki
- Fixed an issue where the system believed a player was still in an expedition when they weren't
- Timeless Tabarzin has been updated to match its timeless counterparts (missing from the previous Timeless gear update)
- Players will now trigger their `Sell via Hired Merchant` weekly challenge when they organize their merchant
- Added Dyle area boss spawn to Dangerous Croko II
- Increased the # of Eye of Fires obtained from the Zakum JQ bypass from 3 to 5
- Increased the level difference requirement for adding juniors to your family from 20 to 30
- Fixed Buccaneers/Thunder Breaker's energy charge not resetting/proccing properly after reviving
- Fixed invalid hair/face IDs causing players to crash and preventing them from relogging, in rare scenarios
- Fixed a few client string values which would occasionally cause players to crash
- Fixed a ghost string related to Ice Demon 30

If you are having trouble with the patcher, please download the manual patch and replace the files.
- Removed player count from homepage (temporarily)
- Removed minimum player requirement for non-weekly bosses (temporarily)
- Added back Spirit Point gains on Area Boss kills (temporarily)
- Added 4 additional boxes to the Amoria PQ bonus stage
- Added 130+ new items to the Cash Shop event tab
- Added new hairs (and 1 face) to Jarvis' donator shop
- Increased the MATK of quest rings to double that of its WATK counterpart
- Fixed players unable to warp out of the winner's event exit map

If you are having trouble with the patcher, please download the manual patch and replace the files.
- Fixed players not receiving EXP if they have offline party members in their party
- Fixed players unable to exit maps due to the above issue
- Fixed a few issues with weeklies either not proccing at all, or certain challenges not registering
- Fixed an issue preventing players from turning in quest Eliminating Plateon and Mecateon

No patch required~
Skill Changes:
- Nimble Feet duration increased from 10 to 120 seconds
- Nimble Feet speed buff decreased from 60 to 25
- Nimble Feet cooldown removed

Gameplay Changes:
- Anti-leech measures will now only trigger if the monster or player is less than or equal to level 140
- Players will now receive normal solo EXP even if the rest of the party is AFK
- Increased the base EXP gain of the Omega Sector questline by roughly 20x
- Increased the minimum level requirement of the Omega Sector questline from ~35 to 70

- Fixed pets getting hungrier faster than intended
- Fixed chairs being marked as cash items, preventing trade or dropping
- Fixed players getting warped back to their previous location after having already exited an event
- Fixed Paladin blunt weapon charge skills; BW-based charges will always be 30% more damage than its sword counterpart
- Fixed buff durations going negative upon changing channels
- Fixed quests providing lower EXP than intended (mainly Ariant)

If you are having trouble with the patcher, please download the manual patch and replace the files.
Skill Changes:
- Dawn Warrior's Power Stance is now a party skill; applies to all party members
- Dawn Warrior's Impaling Rays cooldown removed
- Dawn Warrior's Moon Shadow attack count increased from 1 to 10
- Dawn Warrior's Moon Shadow mob count decreased from 6 to 1
- Dawn Warrior's Moon Shadow now has a 10-second cooldown
- Night Walker's Dark Sight will now properly cancel upon being used with an attack for better macroing with Vanish
- Night Walker's Quad Star damage increased from 190% to 220%

Quality of Life:
- Premium Chairs can now be traded or sold via merchants
- Upgraded all pet's digestive systems; they will now get hungry 50% slower than normal
- Wiki fully synced with game files
- Added guild chat to the @toggle command
- Added alliance chat to the @toggle command
- Added gachapon messages (global green messages) to the @toggle command

- Players will now receive normal EXP from party members if the player who killed the mob is within their level range, even if a party member is greater than 20 levels of them:

Party Member A = Lv. 120
Party Member B = Lv. 130
Party Member C = Lv. 160

Current Logic:
If C kills, B and A gets nerfed exp
If B kills, A STILL gets nerfed exp

New Logic:
If C kills, B and A gets nerfed exp
If B kills, A gets normal exp

- Removed Spirit Point/Gachapon Ticket gains from Area Bosses
- Increased the base EXP gain of quests in the Mushroom Kingdom questline by 50-100%
- Increased the base EXP gain of quests in the Ariant questline by roughly 750-1000%
- Increased the minimum level requirement for the Ariant questline from level ~20 to 40
- Increased the base EXP gain of quests in the Kerning Square questline by roughly 650-1000%
- Increased the minimum level requirement for the Kerning Square questline from level ~40 to 50
- Increased the base EXP gain of quests in the Korean Folk Town questline by roughly 650-1000%
- Increased the minimum level requirement for the Korean Folk Town questline from level ~50 to 60
- Increased Empress battle's minimum level requirement from 200 to 225
- Increased Empress' Diamond drop rate to a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4
- Increased the drop rate of Desert Mist from 2% to 4%

Cash Shop:
- Added Spring Energy (Cape)
- Added Soft Brown Teddy Fleece (Overall)
- Added Soft Ivory Teddy Fleece (Overall)
- Added Light Pink Sandy Beach (Overall)
- Added Sour Candy (Overall)
- Added Daisy Vacation Dress (Overall)
- Added [BTS] Love Swan (Overall)
- Added Springtime Spirit (Overall)
- Added Blue Oceanwave (Overall)
- Added [BTS] Purple Poem (Top)
- Added Pom- Pom Power (Weapon)

- Fixed certain dragon pets being unable to wear dragon armor
- Fixed an issue preventing CWKPQ reactors from triggering; reactors will now freshly reload once the first player enters the Test of Unity
- Fixed an issue with damage display and propagation caused by the previous patch; damage should now display and propagate as normal pre-patch
- Fixed weekly challenge completion triggering more frequently than intended; wrongfully obtained SP will be automatically deducted

If you are having trouble with the patcher, please download the manual patch and replace the files.
- The Burning Love event has concluded~ Thank you all for participating!
- Pet loot is now automatically disabled while inside a boss map
- Papulatus' Counterattack quest will now reset at midnight along with boss quotas
- Overall armor 15% scrolls have been added to the Spirit Point shop
- Pirate hats from Pirate PQ are now tradeable
- Fixed Corsair's unable to cast certain skills while riding the battleship
- Fixed Spirit of Rock not properly reflecting damage when casting Damage Reflect

If you are having trouble with the patcher, please download the manual patch and replace the files.
- Automated Events are temporarily disabled to investigate issues with portals/entering portals/null maps
- Fixed players unable to log in if their marriage partner changed names or deleted their character
- Fixed notifications not appearing for players when all weekly challenges are completed (points were still dispersed)
- Fixed hired merchants frequently disappearing immediately upon setting up
🔥❤️ Burning Love Event ❤️🔥
We'll be kicking off the event TONIGHT at 11:59:00 ST until midnight on Sunday, February 19th! During this time:
- All players below level 120 will receive 3 level-ups for each time they level
- All votes will accrue 2x the vote NX
- All marriage tickets in the Cash Shop are 90% off

Skill Changes:
- Increased Dragon Knight's berserk proc threshold from 65% to 70% HP
- Increased Dragon Knight's achilles damage reduction from 20% to 25%
- Increased Dragon Knight's spear/polearm crushers attack count from 3 to 4
- Decreased Dragon Knight's spear/polearm crushers damage from 210% to 190%
- Corsair's Aerial Strike can now be cast while riding the Battleship

QOL Changes:
- Increased the speed at which players can visit different hired merchants

- Fixed Spirit Point gain multiplier wrongfully applying when players completed their weekly challenges inside an expedition
- Fixed certain pets crashing players when used in a swim OR fly enabled map (manually updated missing images for all pets)
- Fixed alliance leader rankings not properly updating if a guild leader change was processed prior to the alliance
- Fixed weekly challenges not registering in certain scenarios
- Fixed Shinsoo's healing wrongfully triggering the Empress heal count

If you are having trouble with the patcher, please download the manual patch and replace the files.

Firstly, thank you to everyone who provided their suggestions via the forum and discord. Without you guys, I wouldn't have been able to implement half of these changes. I feel they will bring in some much-needed diversity and address some outstanding pain points.

Strengthening Gems Update:
In an effort to provide more crafting options to players of various level ranges, certain gems are receiving buffs:
Gem NameOld Stats (Basic/Intermediate/Advanced)New Stats
Amethyst+2/3/5 Speed+5/10/15 Speed
Aquamarine+1/2/3 Jump+5/7/10 Jump
Topaz+10/20/30 HP+100/250/500 HP
Emerald+10/20/30 MP+100/250/500 MP
Opal+2/3/5 Avoid+5/10/25 Avoid
Garnet+2/3/5 Accuracy+15/25/35 Accuracy

Skill Updates:
- All party buff ranges/hitboxes have been standardized (all buffed, similar to the current Holy Symbol range)
- All warriors' crash skills now apply map-wide; you will no longer have to run up to a monster to crash them
- Echo of Hero will now recast automatically when Explorer's Blessing expires (only if echo was active at the time of casting EB)
- Shadower's Assassinate damage increased from 600% to 750%
- Shadower/Nightlord's Ninja Ambush formula corrected (was using STR + LUK instead of DEX + LUK); damaged multiplied by 2x
- Buccaneer's Super Transformation cooldown reduced from 240 to 150 seconds

QoL Changes:
- Website rankings for players that reached level 250 will now appear in the order of the date they achieved it
- Completing ALL your weekly challenges will now provide you with +20 Spirit Points
- All expedition bosses will now drop potions in stacks; randomized between 50 to 100 potions
- All area bosses will now provide Spirit Points to the killer based on the monster level
- All area bosses will now drop gachapon tickets at a 100% rate
- Mounts can now be used in the following areas: CWKPQ, Von Leon, Pink Bean, Zakum
- Players can now use potions while riding a mount
- A Beginner's Path can now be attempted by level 120+ Noblesse and Legends
- Noblesse and Legends can now speak to Adobis to complete Zakum prequests
- Marriage annulments can now be executed even if the partner is offline
- Updated Pink Bean's expedition text to be a bit more fun
- Increased the Spirit Point gain for completing a weekly challenge from 5 to 10
- Increased the max mesos dropped by Ulu + Skelegon mobs by 20%
- Increased the base EXP of Berserkie by 100%; remaining Ulu mobs received scaling EXP buffs of ~10-20% (excluding Petris)
- Increased the base EXP of Mr. Anchor by 500% (missed from previous changes)
- Increased the base EXP gain of The Lost Letter / Elminate Stone Golem questlines by 10x to help players level 70 and below
- Increased the drop rate of 30% Dark Scrolls (weapons/staves/wands only) from 0.12% to 0.5%
- Decreased the damage quota to obtain Spirit Points for the following NORMAL bosses: Papulatus, Scarga, Zakum, Wulin Yaoseng
- Added missing 30% Dark Scrolls to monster drop tables
- Added Dragonoir Mount to the level 250 milestone reward (speak to Jarvis to claim)
- Added meso drops to all Stronghold monsters
- Added a portal to enter Long Kiss Duku Good Night via Destroyed Park 2
- Fixed the wiki EXP table showing incorrect EXP values, and missing levels 200+
- Fixed players getting stuck in particular ship/train cabins without any movement
- Fixed damage rankings not properly clearing when a new expedition is created
- Fixed certain donor weapons getting marked with an expiration instead of permanent (existing items have been made permanent)
- Fixed an issue causing players to exit an automated event in an ungraceful fashion
- Fixed an issue preventing players from entering portals/changing maps in certain scenarios
- Fixed an edge case that triggered fake auto bans
- Fixed a bunch of pets that were unable to be spawned in swim-enabled maps (i.e. Aqua Road)
- Fixed a bunch of typos


Hotfixes post-patch:
- Fixed certain skills' hitboxes stretching further than intended
- Fixed an issue related to relogging into expeditions
- Fixed players receiving Spirit Points for monsters they shouldn't

If you are having trouble with the patcher, please download the manual patch and replace the files.
Spirit Points System Adjustment:
- In an effort to ensure the market is not flooded with Spirit Points due to server runs, the following SP scaling system has been implemented:
View attachment 807
- This system does NOT apply to weekly bosses such as Pink Bean / Empress
- This system does NOT change bonus expedition EXP - only spirit points
- For a full breakdown of our systems, please visit the features page

Additional Changes:
- Wulin Yaoseng will now provide players with bonus expedition EXP
- Increased the base speed of high-level mounts from 200 to 210
- Increased the damage quota for receiving Spirit Points to ensure AFK expedition members are not abusing the Spirit Point system
- Added Grand Lionman hair to the Henesys EXP hair pool
- Fixed Amoria PQ's stage 2 combo generation, resulting in players receiving the wrong information
- Fixed potions being wrongfully removed from the player's pet's auto HP/MP pouch slots when players relogged, OR if they respawn their pets
- Fixed issues with the Pink Bean expedition, particularly when statues/waves were not spawning properly
- Fixed teleport rocks not allowing players to warp to Ereve
- Fixed players losing a teleport rock even if the teleport operation was unsuccessful
- Fixed players being unable to leave an automated event, in certain scenarios
- Fixed an unintended behavior where players could re-join team-based events to change their team multiple times
- Fixed pet behavior during events; pets will now be despawned when joining an event, then respawn automatically when you leave
- Fixed players falling through platforms on the following maps: Mysterious Path 3, Ghost Chimney
- Fixed Xuzhu and Guoqing's letters not appearing in inventories for the Shaolin questline; to re-obtain the letters, forfeit and re-accept the quest
- Fixed Nependeath's Honey dropping less frequently than intended
- Fixed guild leader transfers not allowing the new leader to exit/expel/disband their guild
- Fixed an issue with the @rankings command displaying the wrong stat in the wrong section for certain IGNs

Thank you to all for your feedback and I hope you will enjoy!

If you are having trouble with the patcher, please download the manual patch and replace the files.
For this patch, we've got a few changes that have been a long-time coming, and will hopefully address some pain points experienced by players.
I've highlighted some of the top changes (to experiment with a new template for patch notes).
The remaining changes are shown below.

Introducing the Automated Event System:
- The system will now initiate events by itself for any player >= level 10 to join
- The first event begins one hour after a server restart; afterwards, an event will occur every 6 hours
- Events in rotation: Coconut Harvest, Maple Fitness JQ, Ghost Chimney JQ, Witch Tower JQ, Ola Ola
- GMs will host the remaining events, to stir up some anticipation

New World Region Released: Thailand / Floating Market:
- Players may enter Thailand via Mimi in Henesys
- New quests and mobs available to explore

Search Command:
- New command added: @searchc <keyword>
- Players can now search the list of our in-game commands to easily find what they're looking for

Reducing Restrictions:
- Reverted expedition max player count from 18 to 30
- Removed multi-client restriction for Party Quests

Additional Changes:
- All players have received 2 free votes due to issues with GTOP; visit the Cash Shop to redeem

- Reverted the gift level requirement from 150 to 50; instead, a 10% fee will now be applied to all transactions
- Aran's Combo Barrier is now a solo-skill; this is to address issues with multiple arans in the same party as well as party autopot issues
- LudiPQ and PiratePQ tokens are now shoppable (can be sold via player shops)
- Added Gachapon Tickets to the Event Point shop
- Fixed players not receiving bonus expedition EXP in certain scenarios
- Fixed a typo in CWKPQ strings
- Fixed one-time cosmetic lens coupons not working with specific faces/coupons
- Fixed Mu Gong's damage reflection not actually reflecting damage

Thank you for your patience and I hope you will enjoy!

If you are having trouble with the patcher, please download the manual patch and replace the files.
- Decreased Bishop's Angel Ray Magic Damage from 600 to 500
- Universal Transparent Collar can now be made permanent via Jarvis
- Fixed items flying a little too far away from the player dropping them, in certain scenarios
- Fixed players not receiving bonus expedition EXP in certain expeditions
- Fixed party leader not transferring when players exit certain maps
- Fixed Kerning Square mobs not properly appearing/dying

If you are having trouble with the patcher, please download the manual patch and replace the files.
We've been up for just under 15 days now - this is great news!
The system has been performing well, despite some minor hiccups.
I'd like to take this chance to thank you all for your continued support.
YunaMS will continue to grow with your help and has no intention to stop for the foreseeable future, so please enjoy!

- Buccaneer's Demolition damage increased from 620% to 650%
- Bowmaster's Hurricane damage increased from 215% to 230%
- Bowmaster's Concentrate damage buff increased from 26 to 60
- Bishop's Angel Ray is now a multi-target skill, attacking up to 6 monsters
- Timeless and Sweetwater gear will no longer be marked as untradeable upon looting
- Zakum's Poisonic gear now only requires karma to be traded, similar to how the Zakum Helmet is traded
- Photo of the Moon from Henesys PQ is now tradeable
- Ludibrium PQ points have been converted to LPQ tokens; speak to the Red Sign to convert any leftover points
- Beginners can now complete the trials of Zakum
- Added PIC reset to the forgot password/PIC section of the homepage
- Added new questline (only for Beginners): Beginners level 120+ will initiate this questline to beef up their max health/mana
- Added a cooldown mechanic to players getting stunned; is now randomized between 1-60 seconds before you're stunned again
- Added additional checks to force players to disconnect if their account gets stuck
- Added NX Prepaid to the @points command
- Added Gloves for Magic Attack 15% to the Spirit Point Shop
- Added Universal Transparent Pet Collar (permanent) to the Donator Shop
- Removed Critical Punch from buff persistence when players relog with the buff
- Increased the number of mesos dropped by Eastern China and Shaolin Temple mobs, significantly
- Increased the drop rate of Blackbull's Deed to the Land from 5% to 20%
- Increased the drop rate of Jack O'Lantern from 10% to 33%
- Increased the drop rate of Weighted Earrings from 0.2% to 10%
- Increased the level requirement to gift from level 50 to 150
- Decreased the max # of players allowed in expeditions from 30 to 18; part of an initiative to address the current boss meta
- Decreased the respawn delay of the Large Pearl in the Generator Room by 50% (spawns 2x faster)
- Updated the text on the Shadow Star skill books to include Night Walkers
- Disabled the option to reset your Dojo points (players were accidentally resetting)
- Fixed a few quests that were not counting towards players' total quests (All players have received 10 points towards totals)
- Fixed NPC Milla in the MVPQ lobby not warping players out
- Fixed Chaos Horntail's damage reflection (all body parts that cast it)
- Fixed Chaos Angry Targa's base EXP being lower than intended
- Fixed Shadower's Band of Thieves dealing less damage than intended
- Fixed Buccaneer's Critical Punch crashing players on use
- Fixed Fluffy Teddy Candy in the Cash Shop providing the wrong item on purchase
- Fixed Kinos Mushroom Hat not working on Kinos in certain scenarios
- Fixed Bubbling Doll not dropping for quest: Hidden Inside the Trash Can
- Fixed Diary of the Goddess not dropping for quest: The Record of Goddess Minerva
- Fixed the string of Sword Earrings (Silver Earrings, huh?!)
- Fixed Fast Travel not working in Omega Sector's command center
- Fixed players crashing when handing in quest: Prayer Beads 2
- Fixed an issue where monster memories could surpass the 100 WDEF/MDEF cap; existing books have been updated
- Fixed an issue related to obtaining the Dragon Stone from the Nine Spirit's Baby Dragon
- Potentially addressed players not being able to warp back into expeditions when CC'ing into the wrong channel

If you are having trouble with the patcher, please download the manual patch and replace the files.

Thank you! <3
- The Dimensional Mirror is now at your service to teleport you to key Party Quest maps; found in various towns
- Players that reach level 30 will now receive a Fast Travel ticket (1 day)
- The Monster Riding quest can now be initiated by beginners
- Feather of Goddess and Altaire Fragments are now tradeable
- Increased the expiration time for Safety Charm and Wheel of Destiny from 30 to 120 days
- Increased the ETC drop rate of Shaolin questline from 10% to 40%
- Added Safety Charm [P] to the convenience items of the donator shop; will remain in your inventory until expiration
- Fixed items not being deducted when players complete the Explorer's Blessing quest
- Fixed Ripped Paper 2 not dropping from Horny Mushrooms
- Fixed an issue with redeeming NX for event points via Jarvis
- Fixed an issue that allowed players to gift invalid recipients via the Cash Shop
- Fixed an issue where only the player clicking on the exit NPC of MVPQ received Spirit Points
- Fixed an edge case that prevented players from receiving boss rewards in certain scenarios
- Fixed an edge case preventing players from re-warping into a boss map if they logged into a different channel
- Fixed a few typos across the game

If you are having trouble with the patcher, please download the manual patch and replace the files.
In an effort to re-popularize Dark Knights, the following skill changes have been applied:
- Dragon Blood attack buff increased from 30 to 70
- Spear crusher damage increased from 200% to 210%
- Polearm crusher damage increased from 200% to 210%
- Dragon Roar reverted to vanilla v83

- Premium Gifting system has been added to the donator shop; speak to Jarvis to get started
- Players must now speak to the NPC to proceed to the bonus room for MVPQ (instead of waiting to be warped)
- Players will now be able to see all Reverse Gear in the Maker skill, regardless of their level
- Outlaw's Homing Beacon can no longer be dispelled by monsters
- PPQ Tokens are now tradeable
- Updated Soul Arrow's text to clarify that arrows are needed in your inventory to use a skill
- Updated Combo Barrier's text to remove, what appears to be, a french translation
- Replaced the YunaMS installer downloads with .RAR files instead of .7z
- Increased the drop rate of all QUEST ITEMS from monsters to ~50-100%
- Decreased the cost of VIP teleport rock [P] from 20K to 10K MP Aborting, have other plans for this item
- Decreased the minimum player count for Guild PQ from 6 to 5
- Added Bow 30%, 1H BW 30%, and 2H BW 30% scrolls to additional drop tables
- Fixed the skill icon of Heaven's Hammer changing colors
- Fixed certain skills not registering for damage rankings in expeditions; damage quotas added back
- Fixed an edge case preventing players from exiting Normal or Chaos Scarga
- Fixed a few chat rings not displaying chat above the player's head (including the BUGCAT CAPOO chat ring)
- Fixed meso requirement for crafting Rock of Time and Empress' Diamond

If you are having trouble with the patcher, please download the manual patch and replace the files.
Skill Changes:
- Heaven's Hammer rework:
  • Boss-type monster: 500K damage flat
  • Non-boss, high-level monster (i.e. LHC+): (Monster's MAX health / 4) * skillLevel / 20
  • Non-boss, non-high-level monster: (monsterMaxHP - 5);
  • Usage restrictions on certain maps/mobs based on player level removed
- Combo Tempest rework:
  • Boss-type monster: 500K damage flat
  • Non-boss, high-level monster (i.e. LHC+): (Monster's CURRENT health / 4) * skillLevel / 20
  • Non-boss, non-high-level monster: (monsterMaxHP - 5);
  • Usage restrictions on certain maps/mobs based on player level removed
- Increased Bishop's Angel Ray X-range by 20%
- Reduced Marauder's transformation cooldown from 360s to 240s

Additional Changes:
- Going forward as of this patch, botting will now incur a PERMANENT ban; no exceptions
- Updated Event Points received from events to lay the ground for .. well.. more events
- Players will now be able to warp back into an expedition even if it was cleared (as long as there is 1 player inside)
- Player damage will now remain consistent in expeditions even if players disconnect
- Added Beast Slayer NX medal to the normal RING section of the Cash Shop; adds +3000 HP and MP
- Added an hourly event refresh task to Boats/Trains/Ships to ensure they're always working
- Added Supreme Shard to the following monster's drop tables: Jr. Newties/Nest Golem/Petrifighter/Montrecer/Duku
- Added Overall for STR 60% to additional drop tables
- Added Overall for INT 30% to additional drop tables
- Increased the drop rate of Supreme Shards from LHC mobs from 0.5% to 1%
- Increased the spawn count of Eastern China and Shaolin Temple maps by about ~3x
- Fixed Timeless weapons' disassembly fee requiring 15m instead of 1.5m
- Fixed the Pink Bean Slayer medal quest
- Fixed an issue with quest: Beyond the Ruins not triggering completion upon killing PB
- Fixed strange crackling/popping noises coming from LHC mobs
- Fixed players wrongfully not meeting damage quota due to their damage resetting when relogging inside an expedition

If you are having trouble with the patcher, please download the manual patch and replace the files.
- Added weapon speed to Wiki weapons
- Added @unclaimmap command to allow players to release ownership of a map earlier
- Increased the drop rate of PQ boss monster cards to match their counterparts (~25-30%)
- Removed automatic map owner system (appears it's only being received well but some, let's stick with @claimmap)
- Reduced Empress' timer from 200 to 90 minutes
- Reduced Empress' death counter from 30 to 15
- Fixed map owner system triggering in maps it shouldn't
- Fixed a few typos

No need to run the patcher if you ran it from last patch. If you are experiencing issues, please redownload
Thunder Breakers seem to be outperforming Buccaneers in terms of damage, as well as popularity. The vision for these classes is to make TB a cleaver-type, while Buccaneers would be strong single-target. It appears, even after players have reached a higher level, that buccaneers do in fact need some love for their higher levels, as well as a minor adjustment to their 3rd job. Therefore, the following changes have been made to revive the class:

Skill Updates:
- Buccaneer's Barrage damage increased from 430% to 450%
- Buccaneer's Demolition damage increased from 600% to 620%
- Marauder's Energy Charge weapon attack buff increased from 35 to 40
- Marauder's Shockwave damage increased from 700% to 800% (typo fixed)

General Updates:
- Wiki fully synced with game files
- Players will now claim a map immediately upon dealing damage
- Added Dragon Canyon to the VIP cab in leafre
- Added +15% elemental damage to Reverse Aeas Hand and Reverse Enlil Tear (all elements)
- Added an option to Chief Tatamo to trade in existing Heroic Stars/Pendants if you received the wrong one from Manon/Griffey
- Increased the speed of all mounts <= 200 speed by +20
- Increased map owner activity grace period from 1 to 2 minutes
- Reduced cost of the Trade Enabler Scroll from 100m to 50m
- Reduced cost of crafting Supreme Monster Crystal from 11m to 2.2m
- Fixed a few tooltip strings (yellow text in-game)
- Fixed players unable to use @whodrops when the text input is too short
- Fixed Arans unable to see Maha in certain scenarios
- Fixed the text on Windarcher's Eagle Eye (does not apply holy elemental weakness)
- Fixed an issue preventing the storage arrange button from operating in certain scenarios

If you are having trouble with the patcher, please download the manual patch here
- Players will no longer get kicked out of the expedition if they disconnected after dying
- The following skills can no longer be dispelled: Touch of the Wind, Holy Shield, Combo Barrier
- Fixed boats/trains taking longer than expected
- Fixed Buccaneer's Critical Punch not triggering critical hits when used by itself

Finally, a few patches ago, we updated lower-level training to give new players leveling options when PQs were unavailable. The other side of things was for higher levels, where players were using only a handful of maps to train, or not training altogether because bossing was just way more effective. Therefore, the following changes have been made to the listed monsters to provide a solid buff and open up some unused training grounds.
(Note: base EXP without the 3x multiplier is being used in these calculations; may require additional changes, will monitor):

View attachment 585

If you are having trouble with the patcher, please download the manual patch here
- Increased Tempest damage from 200K to 350K to be a bit more viable
- Decreased the time-to-travel in ships; will now take a third of the original time
- Reverted the summon patch which appears to be causing issues with crashing in maps (buffs reset to catch any outliers)
- Reverted mist change because it's causing adverse effects when applied with multiple summon/mist effects

No patching required. Thank you all for your continued patience <3
- Terms of Service updated; botting and racial slurs will now carry a 30-day ban in all cases, instead of case-by-case
- Players that disconnect/crash upon completion of higher-level bosses will now automatically receive their boss rewards (no more lost rewards)
- Combo Tempest will now only do a maximum of 200K damage; combos will reset to 0 upon use (prevent bug abuse)
- Wind Archer's Touch of the Wind will no longer be dispelled by monsters
- Increased the @buyback command's last-sold item count from 20 to 100
- Added Concerto and King Cent to Krexel's drop table
- Added additional bot checks
- Added additional RWT checks
- Fixed storage's Arrange Items button
- Fixed certain beginner maps crashing players
- Fixed summon-type skills not re-summoning when changing channels/relogging/exiting the Cash Shop
- Fixed mounts and Corsair's battleship acting erratically when changing maps/channels
- Fixed maker fee calculations; will now take either a little less than, or equal to, the visually displayed cost
- Fixed bullet max slot counts being lower than intended
- Fixed Thunder Breaker's corkscrew blow wrongfully targetting 3 monsters instead of 6
- Fixed Aran's High Defense visually displaying the wrong damage received to the player
- Fixed Cygnus Knights and Arans unable to receive Echo of Hero (your quest has been reset, please redo)
- Fixed players being able to see mist-type skills even when the effects toggle is disabled
- Potentially fixed an issue causing certain mobs to remain on the map, untargetable, even after killing them

If you are having trouble with the patcher, please download the manual patch here
- All player's family entitlements have been reset (you can re-use them again even if you reused before this patch)
- Increased slot max of White Essence from 1 to 1000
- Fixed an issue causing certain players to crash with the Access Denied error, when using basic attacks or specific skills
- Fixed haste providing the wrong speed/jump when players relog/CC/enter Cash Shop
- Fixed players crashing if a family buff was used while in the Cash Shop (forgot this one in last patch - sorry!)
- Fixed players unable to purchase items from the MISC section of the EVENT tab of the Cash Shop
- The 2x vote NX event has ended, thank you all for participating! We're climbing the GTOP ranks fast :)
- To help lower levels with progression (especially if unable to find PQs), the following mob changes have been applied:

Mob NameMob LevelOld Base EXPNew Base EXP
Jr. Wraith3570150
Master Chronos41167320
Kid Mannequin43122250
Latest Hits Compilation (CD)46130300
Greatest Oldies (CD)47133310
Dead Scarecrow50220380
Neo Huroid58205410
Pac Pinky58333480
Selkie Jr.60367520
Twisted Jester7013251500

- All skill and item buffs will now persist upon relog/disconnect (to combat players losing buffs if they DC)
- Buccaneer's Critical Punch will now stack with Sharp Eyes (two buff icons will be shown)
- Legendary Spirit will no longer auto-checkmark the "Use White Scroll" checkbox if you have one in your inventory
- Diligent Ring (PQ ring) can now be shared between characters on the same account (if you require a new one, please reach out)
- Updated the text on items in the Cash Shop to clarify which ones are permanent vs. which ones expire
- Updated @recharge command to provide players with a breakdown of the cost before purchase; can now be used without Miu Miu
- Increased all bullets' slot maxes by 2x
- Increased buddy list capacity from 50 to 100 buddies
- Increased the bonus EXP gained in CafePQ by 2x (helpful for lower levels)
- Reduced Chaos Zakum's timer from 70 to 60 minutes
- Reduced Chaos Scarga's timer from 90 to 60 minutes
- Reduced Guild Party Quest's timer from 90 to 60 minutes
- Reduced maker fee costs on specific items/gem sets to be more in line with the displayed cost
- Added battleship and transformation cooldown messages to the cooldown_text setting in settings.ini (if you don't want to see it anymore)
- Removed Timeless Pendant from Konpei's Gambit quest reward (should not be there; removed from inventories if obtained)
- Fixed a crash related to Cash Shop mouse hovering
- Fixed a crash related to receiving Family Buffs while inside the Cash Shop
- Fixed a client timer updater issue causing delays in portal usages/mob HPs not displaying, in certain situations
- Fixed players randomly not receiving EXP from mobs, in certain situations
- Fixed Dark Knight's Beholder wrongfully providing 5% mastery instead of 20%
- Fixed Aran's Combo Barrier wrongfully mitigating 20% damage instead of 30%
- Fixed Arans being unable to activate CWKPQ sigils (use Snow Charge to activate)
- Fixed NPCs/Mobs occasionally appearing or disappearing randomly (~5% of cases)
- Fixed Horntail/Chaos Horntail timers wrongfully resetting upon breaking the reactor (timer intended to be 1.5 hours total)
- Fixed a typo in the Riding Mimiana questline
- Potentially fixed GFX/boss crashes (no issues on dev server, please let me know if any issues with crashing in bosses)

If you are having trouble with the patcher, please download the manual patch and replace the files.
- To celebrate us reaching the top 10 servers on GTOP: players will receive 2x vote NX now until Friday, December 2nd, at 14:00 ST (2:00 PM EST)
- Wiki fully synced with game files
- Players can now use the @recharge command inside of boss and PQ maps (a luxury command at a premium cost)
- Family EXP and Drop will now appear as 2 buff icons instead of replacing each other
- Updated the text on Dr. Lenu (note: you can only change non-premium lens colors via this NPC. Jarvis handles the rest)
- Added Little Cotton Candy Overall added to the Cash Shop
- Increased the base cost of the @recharge command from 500K to 1M; scales with player level
- Reduced the EXP of Mutant Ribbon Pig to better align with the scaling of its counterparts
- Fixed players sometimes receiving the wrong Heroic Star/Pentagon from Manon/Griffey
- Fixed a deadlock related to Magic Door
- Fixed an issue that prevented slower computers from logging into the game

If the patcher fails, please use the following link to patch manually.
If the patcher fails, please download the manual patch via this link OR this link (same files)

- All players have received 15,000 NX due to issues with GTOP's website
- Shadow Star can no longer be dispelled by monsters (both NL and NW)
- Infinity can no longer be dispelled by monsters (all mages)
- Added +8 all stats to Sweetwater Gloves
- Increased Sweetwater Glove magic attack from 8 to 16
- Increased Sweetwater Earrings magic attack from 2 to 4
- Increased Sweetwater Earrings slot count from 5 to 6
- Increased Sweetwater Cape magic attack from 3 to 6
- Increased Sweetwater Staff/Wand magic attack from 175 to 202
- Reduced the base cost of Superior Shuriken from 400 to 4
- Fixed an issue with session handling that caused players to timeout from the client wrongfully
- Fixed a typo for Blaze Wizard's Element Amplification; stated 130% but is actually 200%
- Fixed a typo related to Poopa (was pooper lol)
- Fixed a bunch of typos on scrolls
- Players will no longer be able to loot monster cards that are part of sets they already completed
- Bishop's Shining Ray damage increased from 160 to 300 (much needed to match their buffs)
- Renamed @exped command to @dailies
- Renamed @weekly command to @weeklies
- Renamed @ranks command to @rankings
- Added a yellow message above players to notify them of the current card's count
- Added some text to the @dailies and @weeklies commands to notify players of the next reset
- Added quest count to @rankings
- Added Tiny Nose Face to the female premium face pool
- Removed holy weakness from Headless Horseman (how'd that get there?)
- Reduced Temple of Time mob questline requirement from 999 to 500 (if your quest still says 999, simply forfeit and re-accept)
- Fixed an issue preventing Thunderbreakers from increasing their 4th-job skill points past a certain point
- Fixed an issue triggering anti-leech check for players who are within level range when they're in a party
- Fixed an issue with packet handling causing players to disconnect wrongfully after a set time when CCing or changing maps
- Fixed an issue with Mushroom King's Prime Minister quest that caused the instance to bug if you were in a party
- Fixed an issue preventing players from account-transferring their quest rings (you can drop and re-obtain the item to generate the fixed one)
- Fixed a visual issue with the Nox Cherubim cape
- Fixed items flying out of bounds on map: Room of Justice
- Fixed footholding issue on map: Dangerous Valley II
- Fixed footholding issue on map: Burnt Land IV
- Potentially addressed disconnection/account stuck issues; will continue to monitor so please report if any issues!
- Increased player capacity of each channel
- Standardized most skillbook drop rates from Zakum's final body
- Reduced the frequency of bot checks
- Removed the requirement to wear clothing for marriages (if you require comp, please reach out for confirmation)
- Players can now save Crimsonwood Keep maps to their teleport rocks
- Fixed ToT questlines sometimes appearing twice, causing issues with requirements
- Fixed GPQ reactors spam re-spawning
- Fixed 4th job advance wrongfully demanding an additional 10m in certain scenarios (+10M comped to those who advanced already)
- Fixed instances not properly disposing, requiring players to use @dispose
- Fixed all donor pets that would appear dead on purchase (added back to Cash Shop)
- Fixed Superior projectiles maker pricing
- Fixed Monster Memories not saving properly when obtaining multiple cards in succession
- Fixed players unable to use Shuri's VIP teleport to Florina Beach
- Fixed players unable to leave Mushroom Shrine if they traveled to Eastern China
- Fixed crash related to Bunny Bun pet
- Fixed false positive auto bans when players warp to FM from a swim-enabled map (i.e. Aqua)
- Fixed the string of Iron Hook to Iron Hog
- Fixed foothold issue on map: Monkey Swamp II
- Fixed foothold issue on map: Dragon Forest II
- Address an issue with players losing their equipment after entering/exiting CS, and CCing (rare issue, 3% occurrence)
- Address an issue with players disconnecting in certain scenarios when an NPC dialogue has not been properly disposed
- Added a check to prevent players from disconnecting when their character becomes stuck between moving maps (some cases, not all)
- Removed a few bad items from the Cash Shop, and removed from player inventories (you have been compensated MP if it was removed)
- Fixed an issue with weeklies resetting unintentionally (if you wrongfully gained SP or items, it has been deducted/removed)
- Fixed a couple of typos in some quest strings
- Increased server resources to handle player load (should help with lag)
- Decreased the delay in-between clicking Hired Merchants
- Decreased the delay in-between clicking on NPCs
- Removed a few dead pets from the Cash Shop
- Fixed Pet Trainer NPC not functioning
- Fixed Black Platform Boots displaying the wrong item right before purchase in the Cash Shop
- Fixed an issue causing players to get stuck when they disconnected
- Fixed an issue causing players to get stuck when transitioning between maps
- Fixed an issue causing players to crash when handling Energy Charge (rare cases)

Click here to find the latest patch notes (First post)
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